The longevity/life expectancy of a JLF

I just finished my first custom stick with the Sanwa JLF and Seimistsu buttons. Before this I had a Hori EX2, and to be honest, the stick felt fine when I first got it. The problem was after 2 months of play, it started to feel looser and worn out.

Now I’m a little worried that the same might happen to my JLF, however the general consensus is that the JLF is of higher quality and will last much longer. My question is how long can I expect the JLF to last if I play couple of hours a day and I’m not hard on the stick? What exactly is the part that gets worn out on the hori stick and what makes the JLF less prone to the same wear and tear?

been using a jlf in a hrap2 for about a year and its still feeling tight (wish i could say the same about the mrs), you kinda answered your own question, the general consensus is correct the parts are of better quality

i was actually wondering what specific part of the Hori stick gets worn out and what specific degradation is responsible for the looser feeling. Correspondingly, also wanted to know makes the JLF less prone to the same damage or degradation, is it better design, or better material used for whatever specific parts responsible for the degradation?

i took a jlf apart over the weekend, there are a couple of places where i could see it getting worn out. The actuator, the thing that presses the switches, the gate, the thing that gives it that square feeling, the switches on the pcb and the hemispherical pivot, you can see that when you lift up the dust cover, its the white thing that the shaft sticks out of when viewed from the top. The pivot has some lube on it so i supose that will need relubricating eventually, everything else seems easily replaceable. maybe the jlf is made of higher quality plastics that last longer. I’d imagine the hori is built in a similar fashion. Oh i forgot there’s a spring in there too so maybe the hori spring is losing its tension faster so it doesn’t snap back to neutral as well. lizardlick seems to sell most of these things seperately except for the pivot.

see some pics here:

The pivot could start grinding which might be the looser feeling you’re talking about. Or the spring losing tension. The shaft may need lubrication. Or you could be banging the actuator hard against the gate and wearing it out.

Those are the main things that come up to mind. But worn out components shouldn’t become apparent so easily.

edit: Milkham explained it a lot better.

Thanks for the replies. Now from everyone’s experience, how long can I expect my JLF to last without having to replace parts or buy a new one?

Personally a worn out JLF feels better than a new JLF.

I hope you dont let her read your posts, hah.

I’m no expert by any means, but these were qualified & tested to take the beating that happens in various arcades… so I think you’ll be ok for awhile :slight_smile:

You are not wearing the joystick out, you are breaking it in. When you first get a JLF it will feel a little stiff but after a month or two of playing on it it will become very smooth and responsive, and thats when you have broken it in.

Same with Sanwa buttons… over time they become more and more sensitive and smooth.

In home use that JLF should last more or less forever, but just like any precision instrument it will require occasional attention. It is commercial grade equipment after all.

My EX2 still feels fine after years, but you can certainly see the wear as the stick doesn’t quite find center any more, always leaning a millimeter or two in any given direction.

Seconded. I haven’t had any of these Sanwa parts, but that is the way with arcade parts in general. All my Happ parts have broken in over time and work a lot better now than when I first got them. These parts in general are rated out to millions of cycles. You’d have to be playing on them day and night for a good while to truly wear them out. Even then, joysticks can be taken apart and maintained and you can replace springs and switches in buttons. A quality set of parts will last you a long time with proper care.

Just a rough estimate, but you could say you’d get something like a thousand to five thousand hours if you treat it nice. A JLF in an arcade could go bad in a couple of hundred, but as long as you don’t stress it out too much and don’t throw it about, you could push a life time like that.

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