The Longreads Thread


After posters so blithely treated these subjects in the Lounge, I figured it was a good idea to create a thread where long-form stories could be linked and discussed. It’s easy. Just find news you want to share that’s a little more in-depth than the average SRK member has the attention span to read. See? Simple! It’s probably also best to keep all these types of articles in one easy-to-find thread.

I use many websites for my long-form reads, since I read these every day. I’ll add a small list to give you guys an idea:

-The New York Times
-The Wall Street Journal
-The Boston Globe
-The Los Angeles Times
-The Atlantic
-The New Yorker

…and many more! I’ll start this off with some long-form pieces I’ve read this week:

Can Creativity Be Learned?

Cuomo’s Office Hobbled Ethics Inquiries by Moreland Commission

A Tiger Ate My Jeans: The Global Business of Sartorial Slumming

See? Easy! Now you do it, too!


You post a lot of stuff that I never finish. I’m going to have to make a bookmarks section for your stuff, dude.



cool thread idea!


NYTimes: In New York City, Bucket Lists Run in Reverse

Sorry for no quotes, I’m on my phone. It’s an interesting look at what New Yorkers hate.


In Defense of the "Cool Girl


I will contribute, since im sure 90 percent of anything that doesnt involve a one liner and a gif doesnt get read on this forum. lol
Comments on the above link are good, and they go in on neil degrasse.

While there is technically no evidence he was involved in the abuse, it is questionable that two other priest were found guilty, one actually killing himself. Now yes, he could have just gotten lumped in blindly, and was collateral damage at the time, or maybe the evidence just wasnt strong enough to convict him. Again, its odd that the two others were doing it, your name was mentioned, and you have absolutely zero to do with touching a child at all. HMMMMM
Somewhat related that i saw in the comments. Apparently this republican member of the house of representatives admitted to being nude in a hot tub at 28 with a 15 year old girl, and got a standing ovation from his peers for i guess finally admitting it. Apparently he was her sunday school teacher, and a friend of the family. Cheryl Maher ( killed in a murder suicide) was apparently on drugs, and going through things herself at the time. She said she was once in love with the guy, but regardless, youre an adult dude, and she is in like 9th or 10th grade. I cannot even fathom stepping within 10 miles of my high school, let alone go creep on on some 9th and 10th graders. YUCK! But yeah, this happened, so here you go. Google more for more back story on cheryl maher, but i dont believe she ever released in details on their intimacy other then nude in a hot tube with no touching.


The argument against EPA regulations is a funny one, considering the Times just ran with this story:

A New Report Argues Inequality Is Causing Slower Growth. Here’s Why It Matters.