The Lounge 10k Post Edition


No idea that these automatically close after 10 thousand posts.

Thank you, discourse.


1 minute too late!



The lounge is now in the swanky part of town. :laughing: Anyway…



(hehehe jk everything is on the first page)




Combo Breaker?


May 25


There’s no way we did 10000 posts in two months


A bunch of threads suddenly closed for 10k posts. Clearly someone toggled a setting.


Its most likely a setting that didn’t get toggled. Growing pains and all that.


That’s gonna take some getting used to…


So many locked threads.


I tried reopening one of the threads but discourse just automatically closes them.


Is there anything good about this shitty forum?


Our very tiny animated avatars.


Did you guys prefer the era where every girl wanted to look like Megan Fox? Or the one we live in now where every girl wants to look like Kylie/Kim?


Neither really. But at least Meagan Fox wasn’t fabricated using fake everything. Seeing both Kim and Kanye in person (Via work) yeah she looks better in Person but I still don’t like her. Kanye was shorter that I thought but always looks pissed and they both dressed like Tekken characters.


The people?

Lol, but yeah not much but still could be worst.


Still fucking trash…


the problem is you have no idea a thread is close to auto closing because no pages. before the limit was 500 pages so preppy was …mind the pun…prepped to manually close it. now its bam. your thread is dead. no warning. oh well.