The Lounge 10k Post Edition


No wonder…you’re a fucking chink. Now wonder everything makes you stupid. Other than math.

Yeah, that’s not racist. Go fuck yourselves.


transgenderism is bullshit and sports is evidence of that.


lmfao i need a parody of all of this. a movie about a scam movie about a scam festival


Ya’ll heard about Hannah Mouncey? Imagine the amount of training and hard work these girls went through only to get cheated out by some former dude. It’s an interesting event because I wonder who the liberals will side for in the first pick.


I’m fucking done with this conversation. It’s just making me even more pissed off and I’m done putting my energy into this.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. If you’re in a relationship or managed to get a date: I hope it’s a good one. Be safe. :wink:

If you’re single. Treat yourself. Don’t purposely go out of your way to have a bad day or make others feel bad about being in a relationship. Angry (or sad. No judgement here) fap when you get home from work or whatever.

I know before work I’m going to get a hair cut and buy a few a donuts. Afterwords I’m going to buy some Valentine’s Day chocolate and gorge myself while watching a movie.

Just enjoy the day for what it is.



i have nothing to say to all of that.



Nice you see how wrong you are on all fronts


I am out for a week and I come back to this gay ass shit…


Me no longer wanting to engage with you about this doesn’t make me “wrong” and it doesn’t make you “right”. It just means I’m fucking tired of it and no longer want to discuss the matter.

Literally no one missed you. Let alone realized you were gone. Plz go back into hiding. :heart:


I don’t hide, I just spend more of my time working.

You are all so tolerant that you would probably be okay with a fucker with shit smeared on his face sitting next to you telling you that it is camouflage to hide from aliens.

Some fuckers need to get their shit pushed in to set them straight.


Cloud Atlas is a very underrated movie, I thought it was great!


Thanks for mentioning ‘Cloud Atlas’. Its trailer and premise are brilliant. I will definitely need to check it out.

P.S. ‘Dark City’ is interesting and well executed (especially the real time city morphing and people modding scene) but it has really bad pacing particularly near the end. I have always preferred ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ out of the three myself. It seems more realized to me and it does it without taking any major leaps unlike the other two.


As a huge art an animation fanatic growing up I was always amazed at how they managed to maintain the proper scrolling 3d perspective when Speed jumps out of the car.

And yeah the movie was highly underrated, it was definitely a pet project rather than a blockbuster.


If I don’t see a Oscars Host

Then I don’t want to see anyone get a Oscar Award :rofl:


one of the funniest things about Speed Racer to me was that the intro sequence had at least 1 person dying… there was that 1 driver that got run off the road and his/her car exploded :laughing:

…and peanut m&ms are the best ones.


WOW. I had assumed that the pitch to Will about the Matrix was underwhelming/stupid for him to turn it down, but had no idea.

I remember a similar story with Breaking Bad. Maybe I’m wrong, but every network turned down Breaking Bad before AMC. That sounds like a bunch of people missing out on gold, but then I heard the original pitch for it (same as it was, but with extra crazy shit like a gang member killing Junior) and said “yeah, I could see why they turned it down.”


Fucking lol


Relax my Stuart Haydens…


Thats exactly how it works in a bunch of cultures. I already explained a bunch of this stuff in a long ass post. Feel free to sceoll up until you find it

Matters to aforementioned TERFs, matters to trans people that sometimes feel inadequate during and after transition, matters to a lot of regular women

You know the rules. Dont shit things up with slurs.

Too early for this shit.


Whole lines of Dialog were lifted word for word from the book Neuromancer.
Wachowskis did not just rip off GiTS, they blatantly stole ideas from GiST, Shadowrun, DBZ, and straight up plagiarized Neuromancer to where their should of been a major lawsuit.

Both Neuromancer and Shadow Run has a massive computer network called the Matrix where people load their consciousness into, Shadowrun’s Ice is exactly like the Maxtrix Agents down to a T.

Yes Star Wars “borrowed” ideas, but Lucas at least changed names around and maybe rewrote archtypes to fit the setting better. Neuromancer even had a “City” named Zion where non-captured people lived.