The Lounge 10k Post Edition


It’s not a sin if you let the priest watch or help, tho.


I’m not saying they should have shot him but how hard is it to out your hands up and follow instructions? Especially after leading cops on a chase? You run, the cops suspect you have a reason for doing so. Parents, but black parents especially, need to instruct their kids on how to deal with cops cuz this was a very avoidable situation.

That said, more cops need to start getting serious about self defense classes and stop resorting to technology to solve problems. My kenjutsu/jiujitsu teacher and another buddy of mine who is well versed in kick boxing and jiu jitsu are both cops and have both said that they’re able to be better cops because of the confidence that comes with knowing and being able to apply it. Police academies are letting their recruits down by not pushing mastery of that more.


i wanna watch more of this.
lots more.


Guys/Gals, do you believe that CVS2 (SF characters) are more SF2 like than any other SF games?

d44bas getting owned in his own game in those recent CVS2 videos…

^^^^^(it starts @ 1358 seconds into the video)


Check out Todo:



Wait, since when?


Shaun King, the white guy who thinks he’s black.




People on Facebook trying to argue that Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. Heathens. It absolutely is a Christmas movie. If not the greatest Christmas movie.


Die Hard is absolutely one of the greatest Xmas movies. Up there with Christmas Vacation.




Payday is tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. Your boy is broke and needs that paper. I believe we get our quarterly bonus this paycheck too. I’m not sure, exactly. Either way I’m hype.


haha, that’s quite an interesting can o’ worms there for the lefties to try and pick a side on… the “trans-racial” thing. It highlights the hilarious, absurd notion of a world where we’re all supposed to just go along with people’s delusions, pretending it’s all real and valid…much like parents that might play along with their child for a while as they pretend to interact with an invisible, imaginary friend.


When that sweet, sweet direct deposit hits



Die Hard is the best Christmas Movie of all time


Not politics, just good news for once:


When the conservative judge rules on proper conservative principles:


For peeps in Seattle, some friends are doing a show riffing on that:

They may be serving Yippie Chai Yai, Nakatomi Kamikaze, and Hans Gru-beers. We’ll see how this goes.

Boss mentioned that he worked over the holiday weekend during our team meeting, and about thirty seconds after he left the room my co-worker blew him up with a “nice humble brag, bro.” XD Snarky co-workers are the best.


He actually tag-teamed with Sotomayor on ripping the state’s attorney a new one. No liberal/conservative divide on this one, basically just a universal come-the-fuck-on-already moment.