The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Update from Super Arcade:

This has been haunting me for a long time now. If Smash Ultimate Tourneys do not succeed and do not bring in the people… Super Arcade is canceling ALL tourneys sometime in early January. We tried every day of the week, we tried every game out there. It just doesnt work and though it might seem unfair to the communities that attend our locals, having 10-12 players enter the current “popular” titles just isnt feasible and the arcade is losing money at an alarming rate in attempts to accommodate everyone. I built this house to create a home for every community. The Street Fighter crew, the NRS crew, for the old school, the anime, and the smash communities. We moved the schedule around all over the place and it just didn’t bring in more people. Now with Tekken and Soul Calibur just not booming, everything just seems to be falling apart. Its not just 1 day of the week thats failing, its every tourney series and every community that is losing players and unless I win the lottery, I just can’t afford to lose anymore. Once again, I tried my best and times have just changed a lot. And for the record, this is not anyones fault but my own. I dont want to hear anyone say I didnt give it my best. I lost my homes, I lost my family, my health has deteriorated, and I am just losing my mind now and find it hard to stay motivated when staring at empty walls. Saddest thing for me is that “I give up.” Ive always been positive, had hope, and always reached my goals. The reality of being technically “homeless” and running low on funds is too much to deal with at the moment and now my focus is taking care of my kids. Im sorry FGC. :frowning:

The arcade will remain open and renovated though. For those of you who like arcades, we will be adding a lot more machines, air hockey, pool possibly, and some redemption stuff. So Super Arcade is not dying, just the tournament scene. It’s on its last string with Smash Ultimate coming, and the whole tournament scene lies in the hands of this game.


The local tournament scene has been dead for A LONG time. People would rather go to majors and regionals when it comes to tournaments. You don’t gain anything from going to locals anymore. Playing the same people over and over doesn’t make you a better player (Arguably), people would rather gain experience from online play.

No one cares about building a bond, a brotherhood or a community with other players these days. People are all about DAT ESPORTS! it’s sad. The casual appeal just isn’t there anymore.


I think the problem is, you can’t really depend on the community to pay your bills for the most part. DreamTR who runs Game Galaxy here in Tennessee was telling me that parties are basically what pay the bills there, that if he had to survive on what he makes from locals, he wouldn’t be able to keep the lights on. And granted, stuff like that isn’t as glamorous, but we aren’t living in the 90s anymore and unfortunately keeping an arcade open on solely the game communities’ money is a hard thing to do these days. It has nothing to do with esports or anything like that, it’s just that the community isn’t big enough in most places to be able to sustain a place like that. He’s lucky, and Game Galaxy is possibly the best arcade I’ve ever been to, even counting Mikado.


Watson has always been too hard headed to adapt to the changing climate. He should have followed Valle’s lead.


You ever notice how Tobey McGuire, Daniel Radcliffe, and Elija Wood all look like the same toolbag?

It made me wonder who would win in a fight: Frodo (with ring), Harry potter, or Spider-Man.

I got money on Spidey.


Frodo never even swung a weapon, so I have to ask if he has the Samwise Gamgee assist?

I feel that Potter has the best tools going into it, but Spider-Man’s spider sense may give him the edge if he finds an opening.


Spidey gonna thwip that wand out of Harry’s hand with the quickness.

Only chance Frodo has is if he puts the ring on and lets Sauron take control. In which case RIP everyone who isn’t Dúnedain or Elf.


Don’t turn this into a Vs. thread. They’re not allowed on SRK. :kissing_heart:


Oh, whatever. I’m just having fun.

Edit: It was more of a comment on the douchery of the three actors.


I was also being sarcastic. I don’t give a fuck. (Though it is an actual rule, I just don’t think it’s upheld anymore)


Hasn’t really been a problem so hasn’t really been relevant. Mostly because that web trend has mostly died a well deserved death. Much like Mugen has mostly skulked back into the damned corner where it belongs.


Screw Attack keeps the dream alive with their stupid Death Match videos.


MacGuire has like a foot, foot and a half on either of the other two, so him.

…and he ain’t tall.


Re: Arcades

Face it folks, arcades as we knew them are finished. They used to be the main way to share tech and measure how you stacked up against the competition. That is no longer the case and haven’t been true for a very long time, specially with internet accessibility and speeds having increased dramatically over the past decade. Even for top players local tournaments at arcades aren’t cost effective when they can stream online and get paid instead of paying money to enter and maybe getting a little bit of money. Simply put it’s no longer the easy way to grind out money or learn about tech anymore for the high class and top players.

For the middle class competitors a mix of online play and offline meetups will generally be more sufficient to level up or have fun… Lower level/casual players would enjoy entering a local tournament, but as most of us know after casual players gets obliterated in casuals and in tournament they are essentially chased away from the scene for good.

As for ownership of an arcade I’m shocked that arcade owners haven’t tried to change their business model. Instead of having weeklies it probably would be a better idea to have monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly tournaments where the turnouts would arguably be higher, thus higher profits (or less losses), and lower overall operating costs.


Too bad to, vs topics would be fun if people wherent so fucking stupid about them.


most arcades dont even have tournaments. most them are also “barcades” in order to appeal to people with actual money (adults).


Yea, problem is adults spend their money on beer, not arcade games.


I wish all of these slot machines sprouting out the ass here in Chicago were arcades cabs instead.


They have nerd-based arcade hook-up bars up here.


Thats cool. Every time i go to one of those barcades no one is playing anything, and if they are its like fucking Tee-Off Golf. Yuck.

If i wanted to play golf Id go home and hook up the Wii and play some fun golf game…or go legit golfing.