The Lounge 10k Post Edition


And still the best places to hook up that sell beer, are dance clubs and Wholefoods.


Yea, only dudes at Barcades. Sausage fests.


There are some wicked potions, magical plants, and magical gadgets that do crazy shit even when the wand is not available.

Of the three actual actors, I am pretty sure Elijah Wood is the most athletic, so I would give him the edge.

P.S. I don’t see what’s so douchey about any of them. However, I find Tobey Maguire to be the most awkward of the three.


I like the barcade I use to go to a lot because they had amazing Pinball selection. It also just happened they had tons of amazing beer—mostly local there as well


Elijah Wood is 5’4" in heels, and yet still towers above the other two as an actor.

…he just happens to tower over Radcliffe barefoot, too.


Elijah Wood also killled Macaulay Culkin. So there’s that.


To be fair, gravity played a large part in that.

But he was the true cute kid, so Culky had to go the way of the Ice Age dodo.

It is a shame that Sin City kind of killed his career’s Frodo momentum.


sheeeeit, theoretical vs. stuff continues to be fun to me… I’ll never pretend to be above that shit. Sometimes in the usual live-chat of a youtube stream, I may toss out a vs. thing for my own amusement, because I know it’s always a can of worms that may eventually derail everything.

It would be funny to see the opinion of people like Rian Johnson, Kathy Kennedy, the show-runners at CW and certain others of their “ilk” in Hollywood though… like I’m sure they’d have silly ass opinions like “yeah Irma from the old TMNT cartoon could totally defeat Thanos with no problems…wouldn’t even need help from the Turtles, 'cause GIRL POWER.” Or–“yeah, who’s to say Goku and Freeza couldn’t be defeated by Catwoman? SUBVERSION!!!”


Their respective heights:
5’5" - Daniel Radcliffe
5’6" - Elijah Wood
5’9" - Tobey Maguire

*I doubt their reach would make much difference.

P.S. Recently watched a film where Elijah Wood played a martial arts/metal nerd and it was awesome. Movie is called ‘I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore.’ in case anyone wants to look it up.


Those are Hollywood numbers.

Pro tip:

Robert Downey Jr. isn’t 5’9"~10".

He’s 5’5" on a non-platform shoes stroll.

It has never been more obvious, than in the scenes in Infinity Wars where he is verbally sparring with Cumberbatch, standing directly across from him.

It is hilarious - you can almost almost FEEL the box he’s standing on.

They spent all the effects money on Thanos’s chin, I guess. :confused:


That feel when you can’t wait to get off work, you finally get home and…you’re bored…like…“well wut now?”


Weed, beer, games?


Have you seen the American adaptation of Wilfred? He was fucking awesome in that.


I’m dry, I dont drink, and yea…I guess…


2 out of 3, is a pretty good time… or so I hear.


This is me every day when i get home from work. All day I long for freedom but as soon as I get home I’m just like “why?”


has anyone ever filled out a import security filing form 10 + 2?
or dealt with a customs broker?
or dealt with customs period?


But i only have one out of two…games. I have no weed, and i dont drink Alcohol.



Those are still solid stats, as a pro ball player goes, anyway.

So just play.

Why no weed?

All out?

Alcohol is a bit overrated.

You COULD go for the last option in yea ole rock/paper/scissors/shotgun, and look for some pussy.


You know its sad I never really gave a care about the tournament scene. Local or eSports.
Okay I don’t mind local, but local been dead around my parts for a while.
And I only don’t mind local as it can be fun.

I originally came to SRK to learn how to mod stuff