The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Yea its figureing out what to play…should probably just keep playing Yakuza Kiwami.

I smoked all my dope, gotta wait till Friday.

Alcohol is hella over rated imo. I dont have a shotgun so that ones out. Pussy costs money, payday is friday or else id just laze out and buy more weed lol.


I spent the whole day doing tons of work, so I’m too beat to play, so I’m just posting here, and browsing, lmao.

I gotta make some time to try out that enhanced mode on my Pro, to see if it speeds up Bloodborne… I still haven’t gotten to it.


Saw this Tweet. It’s from a guy who does a youtube channel on reviewing PC hardware.

His reply , It made me think of you guys


You can ask for anything long as you’re not afraid of being told no.


I know the brothers who did the music for that movie, Will and Brooke Blair. They used to be in a hip hop band called Infectious Organisms, based out of Richmond, VA.

Both are bad ass musicians, Will on drums and Brooke on guitar. They also had another indie rock project called East Hundred, based out of Philly. Here’s a video of one of their songs, directed by their brother Macon Blair (the same guy who wrote and directed “I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore”)


Do you like mini golf or bowling?

I would say swimming if it wasnt December. Thats basically my favorite activity here since we have a nice pool 2 min away from the house.


My apartment complex has a pool but it’s fucking freezing right now. I’d love to use the Hot Tub, but it’s more like just a Tub right now…no Hot.

Mini Golf costs money and I got none of the right now. Bowling to. I like bowling but I don’t do it very often as it fucks up my left knee.

Maybe I’ll check the Hot tub and see if it’s working tonight.


You can bang random chicks at Wholefoods???


If you got game.


Cross post:

Next week’s episode will have more viewers than Elseworlds:

When zoom asked “and who is this” !!!

…and Cicada will kill them all… LOOOL

Everyone will watch this because of Zoom…


I’m an old man. Not even 9pm and I want to go to bed.


Start lifting. Increase your testosterone levels.


Fame now trumps Friendship…I miss local places…now I’m depressed that it’ll never go back to those old days.

On the weird side


The only place I really see comradery and friendship within the FGC is the NRS community. All the top players are all really good friends with each other and strive to make the other better. Everyone teases SonicFox about a myriad of stuff but no one really says a bad thing about him when you really look at it. And how can you? The dude is super nice and really cares about the communities (fighting games, being openly gay and being a furry) he’s apart of and the people in it. For example when he won the Injustice 2 Pro League a few weeks ago he donated all of his winnings (over 10K) to Rewind (Who got 2nd) to help cover the cost of Rewinds dads cancer treatments. That’s fucking awesome.

You just don’t see that in the other FGC communities. I’m not saying there aren’t tight knit groups or people that don’t do good things (Like when MenaRD won the Capcom cup he used to winningns to help build an eSports (ugh) center in the town he lives in so he and other players had places to play and hold events) in other areas of the FGC but like, they generally don’t give back to the community really. Not that I’ve seen.



Why did it have to be Atlantis and not YOU?



That’s cuz the community likes to murder the helpful. Why would anybody stick their neck out in any fashion when you can just turtle up and enjoy not being the target of idiots? Thick skin is great, but if you don’t get involved you don’t have to deal with any of the bullshit and can just enjoy the rest of your life. There’s generally zero reward for effort within the community, so at some point I’ve seen just about everybody quietly step back to avoid dealing with the bullshit. We have a local TO that people talk a lot of shit about because he’s seemingly driven by a profit motive… buuuut on the other hand he’s actually been getting shit done over the years and that’s kinda all that really matters.


Why shouldn’t he be profit driven? That’s what I don’t get. Running an event costs money and time and people get salty cuz you want some return on investment for that money and time.

People want shit for free and will crap all over you for not giving it to them. I see very little reason to support the FGC anymore, most of the people involved aren’t worth pissing on if they were on fire.

It’s just important to not let the profit margin get in the way of the even if else you get Evo where games that haven’t been out for even 3 months are getting stage time cuz money.

Edit: Clipped the road with my bike peddal on the way home from work. Hamburgered my right elbow. Shit fucking hurts…Bikes ok tho!


More Florida news…(if it hasn’t be posted yet)

I know it’s old but I saw this on Twitter the other day. It made me want some “Sketti”. LOL!!!


Sonicfox is a weirdo and creeps me the fuck out. and everyone else.
terrible for the FGC or any other community. im pretty lenient to others fetishes but a grown ass man wearing a fur costume everywhere he goes is 1,000% weirdo.
wouldnt shun him, but i aint hanging out with him either.