The Lounge 10k Post Edition


People about to go to war with Starbucks.


I don’t think I have ever seen anyone watching Porn at a Starbucks. Who needs to do watch that in public?


Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.


The guy who does the Des Moines stuff???


SonicFox only like what? 19 or 20? He ain’t that grown to where it’s too weird yet lol. Let’em live


He just turned 21



But how defeatist is THAT?

I mean, 90% of the reason to GO to Starbucks in the first place, is to Mack on the local fauna.

Watching porn there is basically bringing a Big Mac to a 5-Star Restaurant.


you wouldnt want that dating your child. imagine him walking into your house to pick up your son to go on a date,
wearing that silly creepy fur costume.
imagine the wedding, and him wearing a fur costume at the wedding.
imagine the grandkids.
all wearing fur costumes.

oh i would “let him live” just not near me till he sees a psychologist and seeks serious help for that bullshit.
its like Linus with his security blanket. except hes 21 except 5. and its…much much more creepier than carrying around a blanket everywhere he goes.




i wish his ass would disappear from the face of the earth.
he’s terrible for the FGC.
anyone remotely interested in joining the community would get turned off the minute they see his weirdo ass wearing that smelly costume.
he is as repellent as Raid spray.
cosplaying once a year is cool.
cosplaying every day. is crazy.
yuck. and. ew.


That is some of the most ignorant shit I’ve read in a long time


Personally I love that he gets under all y’all skin so easily, livin in your heads rent free.

Better then everyone at their games to hahahaha.


I would still shop Payless…but they don’t carry my shoe size anymore.


I’ma just give Fox the benefit of the doubt and say when he gets into his late 20s. He’ll tone it down. And I doubt he’s on that furry pursona during his day to day life outside the fgc. Like c’mon I think the guy got more sense than that lol. You hatin too much


You dont understand, he brought his day to day to the FGC, not the other way around. Furriws do that shit to everything. They’re the vegans of fucking: they gotta let the world know how they get off whether you want to hear it or not.


Hey just becauase you have a fursona does not mean we have to be subjected to it


The description is indeed pretty obvious. I’d presume that anybody involved locally knows all the TOs and most of their various motivations. Relentlessly putting together events and dealing with people is hard and grating, and the grind will kill your hopes and dreams. I always described it as herding cats.

But whatever is driving people - the tireless cheeriness and goodwill of Deniz, or the quest for money on the part of the few- nobody will ever match the delightful criminal craziness of Loki. I miss Siu Wai and a lot of the other arcade operators and TOs.


so you would hang out with homboy wearing that ratty costume he wears all day every day?
stahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhp it.


This went places I didn’t expect.


you talk like he doesn’t know how to “turn it off” when in public. which I guarantee you he does. Just because you see him in his fursona at tournaments doesn’t mean he’s always that way. Dude doesn’t go to the mall or wal-mart or on a date in his fucking fursona. Don’t be dumb.


RIP President George HW Bush