The Lounge 10k Post Edition


lol, sure he doesnt. he just goes to massively public places, which are being recorded, in front of the whole world, looking like a complete fool. but takes it off every other occasion.
yea ok.
i wouldnt be surprised if he took shits at Dennys with that abomination on.


Damn. He wasn’t looking too good though so I’m kind of surprised he lasted as long as he did.



hey, call me old fashioned and intolerant if you like.
but i dont think its ok for grown adults walking around with fur costumes when its not called for. which is 99.9% of the time.

this is socially ok.

this is not ok

this isnt rocket science.
even for you.

call me a outdated dinosaur but certain things, just a few things, should be shunned.
like really man. stop thinking that being cool is being overly tolerant.
trust me it is sooooo NOT cool.
whats next? accepting farting in public?
sure we can fart on lines at the post office. at work next to our co-workers. public social gatherings.
sure there isnt a law.
but man, you wont be making many friends not giving a fuck now will you?
defend homboy. keep looking silly for it.
im not gonna condone a grown ass man wearing a fur costume as often as he does when its obviously NOT appropriate for the occasion.
like should i wear a big black strap on dildo over my pants at the next Evo and tell everyone. “hey man, its not cool to judge me for what i wear.” like nigga stop it already with your massive bullshitting lol.





if sonicfox wants to dress up in fur costumes. fine. great. good for him.
if furries wanna gather, hold parades, make a flag that reps them. cool.
but why the fuck do i have to like it?
and why it “ok” for sonic to express himself and make his fetish known to the whole world
meanwhile everyone cant express themselves if they they dont like it?
really bro?

why cant i hate sonicfox?

fuck you Stuart for acting like i gotta accept the guy when he rubs me the wrong way.

God i hate all this pc sjw generation.

so much.
i hate you Sonicfox, i hate this overly politically correct sjw generation, and i hate you too Stuart.


Who said you had to like it? I never said I liked it. It just doesn’t bother me in any way shape or form. It shouldn’t really bother anyone because it’s really not that big of a deal. What harm does is actually cause for him to be dressed up in his fursona at tournaments? It doesn’t.

I’m sorry that for whatever fucking reason it makes you feel uncomfortable and/or hate it to the point where you have to go to extremes to rationalize your hatred and uncomfortableness with it.

But yes, blame “sjw’s” and “pc culture” on your willful ignorance, weird phobias and whatever else that endanger your safe space.


90%chance stuart is gonna retort with another gif while saying nothing.
proving he is a troll tryin to trigger. you better type words this time.
at least you typed something this time.
and dont backpeddle, you were on his jock. now you sayin you dont like it? cmon.
sure hes a great player, but he is cancer for the community. he just is.
like anyone who’s acting like a weirdo.
straight up.
im not asking him to wear a 3 piece suit, but can he keep his fetish in the closet? like keeping a fart in his buttcheeks? do it for everyone’s sake.


Yes. Because not wanting to fan the flames of ignorance is “trolling”.




whats ignorant?
you tell me dummy.

i dont like furries.
i dont like grown adults wearing costumes when its not appropriate.
if it was a cosplay convention.
or halloween.
thats appropriate.
nigga you gonna tell me at EVO its appropriate?
at every fgc convention?
like what?

idk why he does it. but i’ll assume cuz it sorta like a security blanket for him, makes him feel cozy. and feeling cozy makes him…play better? idk.
or maybe he is just sending signals to other furries to hook up. idk.
i just know.
i dont wanna hang out with the guy.
or watch him.
or accept his weirdo fetish.
and i dont wanna accept some guy wearing bondage S&M shit at EVO either.
what sneakers jeans and a t shirt arent cool anymore? too square for the kids these days?
like for real.
leave the costumes and the S&M in the closet where it belongs.
no one wants to see that.
no one wants to smell your farts.
and no one wants to watch you eat your own boogers.
learn how to carry yourself in public for God’s sake.
i know where his dumbass wont wear that fur costume.
at a bank loan appointment.
bet you his ass will wear a 3 piece suit for that.
so he knows
so he has enough sense to wear what is appropriate when its necessary.
so he has no excuse for dissing every tourney he shows up in wearing that ridiculous costume of his.
cuz he AINTZ wearing it for a bank loan or for a court hearing i promise you that.
he respects the bank and court.
yet doesnt respect tournaments.
fine. you defend him if you want. me, no thanks.

if he did it only once, in the beginning of his pro career, it be different. it be ok. or, if he dressed up in his costume at the events, but not participate, it be ok.
but he does it. every time. every single time he is participating at a tourney.
its disturbing.
its like watching a lunatic on camera.
it turns people, not just me, off to watching events. like watching a popped zit, its repulsive.
he is CANCER for the FGC.
pure cancer

and lastly.
im tolerant.
i accept all fashion senses.
since fashion=clothes.
thats not fashion sense.
thats a costume.
costumes, are in the end. jokes.
its a joke.
its silly. 100%. and not mature. fucking childish man.
you cant walk around in a Wolverine costume all day every day man.
then its a psychological problem.
and dont bs me saying he only rocks it at tourneys and no where else.
that shit is hot.
its heavy.
its cumbersome. and the only way he is gonna wear something like to a tourney where his 5 senses, skill, and execution is being tested to its max…is if he is mad comfortable wearing it. by wearing it often at home.
its disturbed.
no way he isnt rocking that outfit often and not just at events. if he can win Evo tourneys with that hot heavy garbage on him, that means he is wearing it at home waaaaay to often. to the point he is real comfy and cozy in it where it doesnt negatively affect his play.
if he was 6. it be ok.
stop it.

i am not, repeat NOT going to work with a guy wearing that fur costume at the cubicle next to me. i am not getting chewed out by a manager wearing that. i am not getting my prescript filled by a furry.
or getting ticketed by a cop wearing a x-man costume cuz he feels cozy in it. you understand?
i refuse.
to accept any ole bullshit cuz its “politically correct” is nope.
as a society. tolerance is important, but so is social science. learning how to socialize with others. theres a limit to how much tomfoolery you’ll accept.


this reminds me—I wonder when furries will get their own letter in that giant, hilarious acronym? You know it’s probably destined to happen, since that shit grows constantly. -->LGBTQAF+? :rofl:

It just hit me now that this might be likely to actually happen, and sooner than the “Bestiality” fans too (I’m sure both groups would prefer there is a distinction between the 2; it does seem to be entirely different things)…since that actually happens to be illegal right now…and also poses a problem since there is already a “B” in there. The most controversial group to get a letter will be the pedos, of course…that probably won’t be for a while but I bet ya it WILL happen…probably in around 10 to 15 years from now the push for serious acceptance of that, along with inclusion into the Giant Acronym will begin. That should be quite the glorious trainwreck to watch.

*there’s also the Roman Shower fans —people that love being puked on…and the scat fetish fans. Ohoooo it will be even more entertaining if those groups show up to the acronym party. "I’M THE SCATMAN! BEEEE BAP BAP BADOP BOP!" <—bwahahaha I want to see the others creeped out as one of THOSE shows up to a pride parade one day, singing the Scatman song while wearing actual shit like it’s bodypaint :rofl:


oh yeah, and just so you know, i have a friend that cosplays Bridget from guilty gear, he cosplays it at tourneys. but the difference between him and sonic, is that he doesnt cosplay Bridget every single tourney.
you know?
its not so much that sonic rocks the costume. its how often he does it. every time. and thats whats weird about it.
its what irks me. if he did it once or twice, who cares.
ugh. no. cancer bro. community cancer. its not necessary. especially for big televised events like Evo.
he can do the fgc a favor and calm down with that.
its not cool when its every single tourny/event.
you know? thats what im trying to get across.


Sure it is.


I would agree with everything you said about Sonicfox and furries in general if he or they genuinely mattered at all to me.

Fortunately for me, I don’t give a fuck.

There ARE hills worthy of dying on.

Hate isn’t one of them.


Some of my best friends are Bla… cosplayers?


Furries are horrible people.
Furries are a terrible fetish

Bronies are furries



Do furries like to fuck animals? I’m not a hundred percent clear on what a furry is.



But the fact that neither of us knows for sure, makes us healthier, mentally, I think.


All this rage for a dude he doesn’t even know.



You don’t have to know a murderer, pedophile, rapist, etc. to despise them.

However, while in the common vernacular “hate” is synonymous with “strong dislike” the term has become subject to social controversy due to increasing polarisation in media and increasingly online exclusive social interactions.