The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Some dip their toes into it but thats a small subset of the furry population from what I remember. Canada legalized dog fucking so knows what goes on there.

Significantly higher than the ones into beastiality are the ones that combine it with infantilism aka baby furs.

Lounge defending Smash and Furries. Burn SRK to the ground.


That is more information than I ever wanted to know…


Then there’s otherkin who used to be nuts of the furry world. Otherkins are the ones who believe they are animals trapped in a human body. They take or took this very seriously and hated being associated with furries (who were just pretending).

Either way, the insane vast majority of the fur scene is a fetish scene that got out of hand, a good chunk of them are fucking in the outfits they wear and a some of them will wesr their suits in public places because they think its cute.

All in all they work really hard to get you to dislike them.


There’s a thin line between furries and beastiality…
I respect his skills but Sonicfox is a degenerate freak. Had to unfollow his disgusting ass cuz he kept posting gay fury porn on his feed. I thought porn was not allowed on twitter? Guess its ok cuz he’s a protected class… GTFO


You’re a fucking idiot. It has nothing to do with sonicFox being a “protected class” There are literally thousands of nsfw themed twitters on the site.


He has multiple walls of text venting his very clear rage. It’s fucking sad.


I like how people try to vilify the people they have a phobia of like they themselves are not the narrow minded asshole.


nigga when you get married let us know when and where the wedding will be held, so i can crash it.

wearing a fur costume.

i wanna see how you react, with me standing there. wearing the most atrocious fur costume i can find.
sure you’ll accept and tolerate me.
sure you will.
cant tell if your an imbecile, or just a plain hypocrite.
because i highly doubt it wont bug you as i take pics with your bride.


Not our fault furries spent years in the internet being Jehova’s Witnesses for horse cocks.


Yet he is not leading a lynch mob, planning an assault, or advocating violence toward the subject of his “hate” as the term has in recent times been interpreted to imply. His stance is that the inappropriateness of the subject’s social conduct is breaking the social contract and is potentially linked to mental illness. The individual should not be idolised for such behavior, but instead counselled or institutionalised.


So that is what happened to sonicabid


Holy fuck you know more about this than I ever wanted to.

Tell me, Perth - what does the abyss see?

NBC ain’t even about 'dat.

Maybe Infowars.


Why do you feel the need to use such extreme (and ultimately unlikely) scenarios and situations to try to prove your point? Take your fucking tin foil hat off.


And yet… it is like GD has just simply up and forgotten how… low a not insubstantial swath of the scene has aways limboed.

Shivs, fist fights, Backroom deals, questionably legit bets, general odor, outright pallor, blatant theft, Sherry Jenix, Smash, and now, recently, E-Sports.


SonicFox is the next, unnatural devolution of the community, is all.


You’d think if he were worried about the integrity of the scene, that he’d be more upset over the awful, Made-For-T.V. pig scat 2 Furries and Cuckcum Cup bestiality show that is SFV.


We need the LOL tag back. That was funny.


When I was a kid (1980s) and early teen (1990s), mom had to go to Payless. Not knocking Payless. You guys remember they also had a Payless Drug Store…


Dictator Combo charge partition


IIRC Perth is an Anthropologist by training, so it makes sense that he’s knowledgeable about niche cultures and people.


heh, when I was a kid that was extra fuel for the fire when people were getting roasted… it was an insult if they found out or just assumed your shoes came from Payless… I am not sure if this was only a “black kids”/hood thing or not but that’s how things were—“My shoes cost more than yo’ whole outfit nigga!” and all that jazz.

I was and still am the odd man out on that particular point though—I’m all about how the clothes actually look above all else…“does it look cool?” is the real thing that matters to me. Most expensive sneakers are ugly as shit, imo.


Way more women at barcades than ever stepped through the door of an arcade bitd