The Lounge 10k Post Edition


I know, right?


They come for the beer and pinball.
Girls love beer and pinball.

You were wise to open your barcade, sir.



That’s so niche, though, it’s practically got to be a deliberately chosen subject of study.

Like, some dude out there who knows the actual frame data and hit box interactions of Time Killers, levels of “Where NBC Public Service Announcements Don’t Dare Run Through It”.

Recreational hobbyist ennui I am sure.

Though I once knew a Spanish Lit major who wrote papers on “sexuality” that ran the gamut all the way to people who ate poop off of plates.

I was like, damn, girl.


All this hardcore furry talk reminds me of when we temporarily lost Angelpalm to the furry abyss. Took a while for that dude to return to us from it lol


2018-12-02 fightcade://challenge-9960-1543720412.34@ssf2xj (us) Jion_Wansu VS (jp) shun joker


I was doing this well before my degree. I prefer primary sources on everything. That way I can come to my own conclusions based on the aggregate of interactions I’ve seen. Avoid a lot of stuff that way, get a bunch of people who don’t believe that I would do that. Same reason I spent most of 2016 listening to conservative talk radio. If you wanna know, you go to the source.

The gist of it is that I got tired of seeing bullshit furry art and went to a bunch of the furry sites to find out what in the fuck was wrong with these people. Turns out its a lot and fuck all that.

The most hilarious thing is people trying to defend them like it isn’t a bloated fetish that got out of control. Aight.


So apparently tomogatchi’s are making a comeback? They’ve slowly released back into retail stores. GameStop of all places is pushing them hard apparently.

Not gunna lie. Low key want one again. Relive the glory days.



Out of all the conservative talk shows, Michael Savage is the only true one. Everyone else is a cook, especially that Alex Jones cook…


Alex Jones needs a long stay in a mental institution


That’s a very good way to approach learning about communities. Usually the members of a culture will tell you more than any secondary opinion or experience can. Though I’m curious, did you get any furry community members as interlocutors?


Speaking of bloated fetishes… what were the conclusions you drew from listening to Trumpeteer radio?

…my father’s family (except his mom) were/are knee deep in that Limbaugh pig-shite.

It’s revolting, is it not?

And by way of actually realizing the what of the who of the audience, one realizes, Murika’s march towards doom is inexorable.


I have a series of anecdotes that illustrate how much of a NO this is for me. Let’s just say I haven’t because I really don’t want to. MTV did a show on furries and ended up showing two furries dry humping on cable TV. That more or less summarizes all you need to know about them.

Two anecdotes on furries:

  1. There is a video game con that happens every once in a while in a neighboring city to mine. I was helping one of the local guys run tournaments there for the weekend. One of the staff members working it was this teenaged girl who prettier and more sociable in stark contrast to the rest of the staff. She was pretty helpful and friendly for the entirety of the con. Second day there, she showed up in her cosplay stuff. The cosplay was some fur gloves, ears and some other things. Turned out she was a furry. Convo about it went like

Me: " Please be careful with the furry stuff. Its full of perverts and other things."
Her: “I’m not in it for that but yeah, it is.”

The Furry PR machine had done its damage. Females are rare in the furry community.

2nd Anecdote

I’m once again doing TO things but this time at El Paso Comic Con. We have a game area where we have monitors and consoles set up. Mostly promoting FGC locally to the rest of the city. Went pretty well, lots of people had fun and found out that there were people playing fighting games here in El Paso. Sometime during the second day (something about Saturdays gets furries lit) in comes in a furry.

Now, this wasn’t any one animal. It looked like a red sort of fox thing with faerie wings. Even amongst the Overweebs and Fat Wonderwomans, this thing stood out like like 7th trumpet sounded and God released the Horseman of Shame on the world. It was being chaperoned by two guys with big goofy grins on their faces. They obviously knew they were doing something they weren’t supposed to…like breathe.

These guys wanting to be perverts is fine. But they just aren’t peverts. This neon red haired is going around saying hi to kids trying to act cute. You know how cute somebody in a gimp outfit playing with kids is? Exactly. That’s literally what this is.

That’s why Sonic Fox was beyond out of pocket wearing that bullshit when getting his Evo trophy. That isn’t some cute shit, its a fetish outfit at our top tournament and we’re all pretending its okay.

But Pertho it isn’t sexual, you’re making it sexual.

Yeah sure, its all me. That’s why Sonic Fox commissioned furry artists to draw his fursona fucking some other furry dude and put it up on twitter. I just made up that the whole thing is sexual.

I’ll add some stuff about this later.


heh, the various perversions out there are always a fascinating thing, imo… it definitely makes the human species an “interesting” thing for sure. There’s probably aliens observing all of it going “damn those creatures are fuckin WEIRD, man…holy shit…but I’m compelled to keep watching this; it’s too good.”


I dont really care what furries are doing at any point in time. Unfortunately just like cosplayers, they feel a need to forcibly get your attention.

Both can fuck off TBH.


I reiterate:

I have mastered the art of not giving a fuck.

Given my post history, and all of the bodies laying strewn about in flames, this might seem surprising.

But giving a fuck about incredibly stupid shit just gets old, after a while.

I have come to the converse conclusion of Martin Niemöller as regards furries.

Re: someone will come for them, eventually, and that’s not a bad thing.

I don’t speak furf@g, so my indifference to their eventual plight has a legitimate out.

When it gets to the point where they are coming after dudes who like woman on top, then I’ll speak up.

Entropy aside, the universe has got to auto-correct itself eventually.

Not even Trump can keep the stupidity rush down up forever.


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