The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Lol, my buddy got all crunk and ordered the SNES Mini. He didn’t remember it until he got the email notification the next day.

Blackout Santa is real. He shows up in a Fed Ex truck on weekdays. :joy:


dufuq is wrong with Marduk’s beard


Tekken 7 doesn’t do hair well (or anything else for that matter).

I liked it in the picture as it reminded me of Zangief, but alas it is just a cheap imitation.

Too bad Marduk keeps becoming more bland with every voice actor change and redesign.


Thank you for posting that.

Upon seeing it, I immediately typed in: “Tekken 7 Julia”, and found out that Agnosticism is still on the table, because, he’s mad late, but this means there MIGHT just be a God.

Tekken might just be the first disk I actually buy for my Pro.

I ain’t droppin’ $50 on it on PSN.

(I Dey-Wan’d it on PC, Special Edition, 'doe.)


That is some monkey’s paw shit. They turned a dedicated scientist into a kawaii streamer bimbo. GG Bamco.


I am just happy she’s there.

If her gameplay is intact, then all is good, for me.


You make it sound like a bad thing.
She cute as fuck.


Vanilla tekken 7 is $20 right now.
I don’t know how much the season passes are. Probably $20-30


I just checked online, and it said $50.

I’ll boot up the Pro, and hope you’re right. :slight_smile:


Damn… it says $50.


She acts like an idiot imitating a child and that is a good thing?

Here have some more of this repulsive behavior:


btw, all this furry talk gave me a dream.
i dreamed that i was a guy in the very distant future. cant say how far into the future. maybe 10 million years? or 15?
idk. doesnt matter.
what matters is this.
i dreamed i was some guy in the very very distant future. and dogs because of their close association to people, had evolved into something close. relatively close to humans.
and some guy had me over to his house and introduced me to some blonde chick, who the guy said wasnt his wife. i think. but his pet.
and explained to me that she was descended from what many millions of years ago was known as “dogs”
and he asked me to fuck her. and she was down with it. we both sat on her bed. and talked. we talked about the similarities and differences between her and humans. she looked. almost human. but not quite. wasnt furry or hairy at all. just not quite human.
close enough tho.
then i thought about leaning in to kiss her and start some foreplay. but i became afraid of frenching her thinking to myself, “if i lean in to stick my tongue down her throat, will she react lick a dog and bite my lips and tongue?”
so i didnt make a move.
i was just too afraid of her reacting like this
due to her canine ancestry.
maybe i shouldve just…let her lick my face or something.
also, i forgot to check if she had a tail, to see if it wagged.


inter-species love.
dont knock it till you try it.

silly question.
and i want 100% honest answers. no trolling. but in all seriousness.
would you guys bang, an extra-terrestrial?
and yes attraction level applies. not forced by ray gun. or anything forced. but willing intercourse with a martian who you find, maybe not attractive, but attractive in a appealing intriguing sorta way.
i dont expect answers of yes to a creature that looks like the martians from war of the worlds but something more human like but not human obviously.
sorta like Antonio Vilas Boas

as for my answer, the answer is yes.


I should of clarified that disc version of t7 is $20. My bad bee



Did you say alien…


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lmfao negan killing paul phoenix got me wondering if thats canon.


Gal Gadot as Kitana


I’d disrupt the hustle…


Lol she making dat Twitch money… boobie streamer??? POG