The Lounge 10k Post Edition


HAHA man… I was watching that same episode with my kids yesterday. Jerry’s cousin don’t play…


yall late to the irs sex worker stuff. its basically blown over since its proven you have to have alot more info than a sn to report them.


whats sn?


social security


oh. he just mistyped.
speaking of THOT

took me a while before i figured out the joke.




Hell yeah! Hard on thots all day every day! Big W for the hard on thots movement


I’m pissed that I can’t figure out the joke


thot without the ugh
which is the word: thought


You phrased that so much better than how it appears in the meme


“thot” is such a stupid ass slang term. It’s kinda rare when I go into old-man mode and hate newer slang but yeahhhh that’s an example right there. Thanos should’ve snapped that term out of existence to help make the world a better place.


Do black folks still say “doe” or did that term die with RockB?


Black folks, affiliated SRK otherwisers, and Homer Simpson.


Yeah. I subscribe to r/blackpeopletwitter on reddit and I see it a lot


I know I’m late on this but I just wanted to say — Congratulations, America. Another traitor/enemy to America has passed away. Good riddance to you, George Herbert-Walker Bush.


You’ve come a long way, Nightbeat


the only thing i know about george bush is that ronald reagan jr asked his dad once “was george bush good for anything?” and ronald reagan took a really long pause as he thought and then replied “he holds great bar-b-qs”

which makes sense since bush was texan. and nobody beats a texan at bar-b-qs




sad the dog…