The Lounge 10k Post Edition


It is funny how quickly people forget and how every dead man has to be remembered in a positive light despite some of their decisions having done great harm.


Remember when Bush Sr. nuked the Japanese Prime Minister’s crotch with great american vomit?

I’ll be honest, being president is one of those things that nobody can really understand. 300 million lives that are put on your care for a short amount of time. Sure, some of these people are kind of awful human beings but eh, what are you gonna do about it.

Least we got Jimmy Carter.


nah i didnt mistype…i was saying screen name. they thought if you had the persons screen name and social media account you could report the sex workers.

when in actuality you need a ton more including social security number, address, and a bunch of other info. Plus the sex workers didnt need to report any amount under a certain amount .


Plus if they are forced to pay a large amount of money to a pimp, they fall into a obscure tax rule where you get a deductible on your taxes for having to pay Extortion money. And the IRS counts pimps demanding their cut as extortion.
Most times when the IRS audits a prostitute, they also bring with them a social worker to help the prostitute out ( and maybe get their tax money from the pimp).


nah the sex workers we’re talking about dont have pimps. this is people who do stream stuff/snapchat/paetron…new age hoe stuff. Its more or less legal stuff that everyone put under the sex worker labels. since they all work together especially in cosplay community offshoots.


I was reading random Family Matters info and remembered that the girl that played Myra died in 1998.
I remember hearing this 20 years ago and opened up fresh wounds.



Michelle Thomas was banging


And she died of cancer too.
Fuck cancer

Also I’m friends with RockB on Facebook and he keeps deleting my comments on his statuses like a bitch.


Getting mad because RockB is on a power trip.



Not mad. Just curious to why he’s being bitch made


Too much gluteus, not enough gluten. :coffee:


student did a report on wakanda and tried to fool his teacher. could only find a fb link for it


you answered your own question. Let him hate


Speaking of sex work, tumblr is gonna ban adult content from the site Dec. 17. There was some cute girls with some decent amateur stuff on there too, welp I guess it’s time to moving on!


100th episode of The Flash is the best episode so far!!!

Eobard Thawne from the year 2049 at the end of the episode!!!



I just had a ton of pizza and now I got the itis. I’m ready for bed.


i’ll tuck you in and tell you a bed time story if you want.

there once lived a prince named Stuart, who was young and handsome.
valiant he was. protecting all the villagers with his might and courage.
then one day, a evil black knight by the name of RockB came into his kingdom, declaring war.
RockB, was infamous throughout the lands. Loved by none, feared by all.
To all things Rock called old. For he had the power of foresight and knew of things before experiencing them.
And even though prince Stuart had written many a peace offerings to him, he knew war was on the horizon, for he found out the villainous RockB kept burning all of his letters of peace sent to him.
knowing there was no other way.
he challenged RockB to a duel of honor in the hallowed halls of brave warriors known as SRK.
there the warriors would oversee the battle between these two men of might.
and beholden the victor of a FT10 in the SF of their choosing, to settle their quabble.
the time for battle was nigh. But clever prince Stuart decided to defeat the wretched RockB at a battle of wits beforehand, and created a fake profile of RockB. Wence he bombarded the sacred SRK arena of champions with many a porn. Where the noble mage Mr Wizard of SRK, mistaking the farce of clever Stuart with the real RockB, banished the black knight RockB by fancy of magic, to the bowels of hell known as discord. Where he would writhe in agony and obscurity, eternally tortured by the demon known as Angelpalm and the fearsome dragon he rode on, the spitfire known as Raz0r…
Forever and ever.
and ever.


goodnight sweetie.


What in the fuck?



He’s trying to be Boel. It’s not working.