The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Oh damn. Didn’t see that happening, haha!




I don’t get this. Are you offering a ban to help him out or mediating things for somebody who could’ve banned him in the first place?


See now, I was told that we shouldn’t delete posts because that’s bad modding.

Seems like a misuse of power TBH.


he’s not a deity. he is just a level 99 mage with auto resurrect equipped.


Stuart thinks i hate him. because i said i hated him. but i dont.
i will prove it. screenshot of my profile summary.

i’ve given his posts the most amount of likes.
oh and thanks million you sweet sweet man.
no homo


I don’t think you hate me. That said, I don’t care what you think.


He fuckin’ loves you.

If you send him the vid of you fuckin’ your ex-bff’s sis, I"m sure he’ll be your follower forever. :coffee:

…you DID keep a copy for yourself, right?


So wait. did someone do the at Mister Wizard thing???

popcorn eating .gif


Wait…why did wiz post? What did I miss?


@truendymion being his neck bearded edgelord self and wiz having nothing of it. Just scroll up broham.


Because only mods have ban power and there’s technically only 3 mods for the whole site.


Given site activity, 3 mods may be overstaffing.


Kid rock sure does make some shitty music and questionable decisions but like, good guy Kid Rock is okay.


d3v pertho and who’s the devil’s 3rd?
devil jin?



I’m not a mod. I’m a leader.

Edit: Reminds me, technically 5 mods.

Double Edit: People with actual mod powers would be Wiz, The editor of the front page Mushin Z or w/e, d3v, DevilJin and Preppy.

Everybody else is a leader. So they can edit posts and twiddle their thumbs.


Who were the mods before we went to discourse…


hahah that particular walmart in Nashville happens to be THE worst one I’ve ever seen. I gave up on that foolishness a while ago. The main problem is that they usually never have what I want.

  • One day I was in the mood to pick up some pastrami while I was there; they didn’t have it.
  • When I was sick I wanted orange juice, of course…I prefer the kind with pulp. OF COURSE… they only had a whole line of Tropicana “NO PULP”.
  • They also only have tropicana…no other brand…Tropicana is good but I just find it strange that they never have any other type, not even Walmart’s own “Great Value” shit.
  • There was a certain brand of granola bars I always like…they stopped having that.
  • They never have the Paul Newman Salsa I like.
  • R.W. Knudsen brand juice drinks? Nah they don’t have that.
  • Bakery bread–they have it but that shit is never sliced.
  • One day I was going for some ground turkey… nope they didn’t have it.
  • The Freschetta pizza I like…nah they don’t have it. They only have the terrible “Brick Oven” one, and of course the pineapple shit no one in their right mind buys. The list goes on and on; this is just what I remember off the top of my head.
    Oh and this is on top of the store being generally messy/dirty…even by “walmart standards”. Ohhh and there was one particular day when the funk was truly on another level…it was like the combined power of 20 tons of actual shit, sweat and general body odor…like “people that haven’t washed themselves in a few weeks” kind of B.O. Imagine that in addition to the shit and sweat smell.

This is also on top of the one very odd day when they had no change in the registers for some reason…that was basically the last straw for me right there. Now… one might assume that this was only 1 register…nah it was a store-wide problem, supposedly…so you could only pay with a card…no cash.


@Million-X All I got from that is that you like orange juice with pulp.

You’re a fucking monster.


I haven’t been to Walmart in years. There are far better stores to shop at and much better food available than what Walmart stocks. I am certain there are plenty of decent grocery stores to shop at in Nashville and you should definitely check them out.

P.S. Orange juice without pulp does not taste like oranges.

P.S.S. I also had no idea Paul Newman was the founder of a food brand…