The Lounge 10k Post Edition


When I was 13 the insult donut hole was explained to me…ever since then I’ve been devouring donuts.


I had never heard of that insult before now, and so I performed a quick Google search:

Which one is it?


That’s a try hard attempt to add something on Urban Dictionary…


I did not put any of that there, lol.

I legit had never heard the insult before.

Which is the correct version, if any?

There were over 5.


Which is the correct version?
Both, it depend on context.

Calling someone a small fried sweet treat coated with powered sugar is hillarious


Urban dictionary is usually on point, but that there was some bullshit lol. Ok grab a donut or look up a picture of one. Take a good look at the donuthole. What does it look like?


I always thought donut holes looked like horseshit. So, one time I bit into a horse turd when I was little and I haven’t touched a donut hole since. But I love regular donuts.


thers a dunkin donuts 1 block away. but i never go there. why. when the supermarket has cake. not to mention 2 blocks away has a local bakery.


I’ve legit never been to a dunkin’ Donuts. There aren’t any really that I know of in Washington State. We’re a Krispy Kreme kind of people. That said, I seldom went there. But when I did go there it was always after our local card game store closed and we went to go play card games there. The staff was always super nice to us and gave us free coffee and their day olds. Ah, memories.

As for my go to for donuts; We have a local chain called Legendary that makes amazing donuts and all the ingredients they use are local (flex).


yea its weird that different food chains are bigger on one side of the country than the other.
east coast vs west coast yall. fire guns up into sky
but yea. its a huge country where on west coast one food chain is huge while on other side the chain is unpopular.
sometimes foods can have different names too.
like on east coast red licorice is called twizzlers but you cant say twizzlers on west coast they call em red vines.
yo cous…lemmie get some red vines.
sounds so weird to me.


Red Vines and Twizzlers are two different brands.


A lot of fast food chains except for seldom few are still considered regional chains.

While this is true @pussystuffer is still correct. It’s a regional thing. Like some regions call soda “pop”. Some places call soda “coke” or “dr. Pepper” regardless of what soda brand it is.


i know. but im saying. same food different names tho.
if you had a jar of red licorice. unbranded. no name on the jar. cali peeps would say red vines regardless. east coast would call em twizzlers.


Ahh, word. I know there’s a debate between which is the better candy, kinda like Coke vs Pepsi or crack vs meth. I’ve always seen both Twizzlers and Red Vines in movie theaters and am kinda partial to Red Vines.


on east coast, there is a candy called C Howards Violets. its confectioner candy made outta lavender.
fucking my fav candy. anybody have those on west coast? doubtful.
philly cheese steaks. so good.


Legit never heard of it. Looks like square necowafers


I’ve been on a Milk Dud kick lately. Walgreens has 4 for $4 and I go through that in a week easy.


I can’t do milk duds. Way too chewie and fucks with my teeth. My go to candy are usually fruit gummies or a Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds.


Krispy Kreams or however you spell it are all air and no donut. Like biting into a jet puffed shell of air.


You mean cake doughnuts, right?

Because if so, then I see can it.

If by it, you mean arseholes.