The Lounge 10k Post Edition


she is full of shit unless she uploads proof.


Shit like this reminds me of how insanely diverse and massive this country is


Was taking care of the baby daughter all day so I couldn’t chime in on the whole “Why did SRK go down in quality” discussion. I could probably break it down by year and by eSporty stuff happening if pushed it to but I’ll add a couple of fun fact to this:

  1. The SRK Front Page writers were told SRK forums were closing down before your actual mods.

  2. From all I’ve gathered, the vast majority of good players left by 2010 and completely by 2011. 2011 was also when most of the people who run the site also stopped using the forums.


I’d love more on the Fucking Retarded I mean E-Spice, I mean E-Sports stuff.

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I got you homie.


Depends on what you want to know. It’d take a strong while to kickstart my brain into remembering certain details.

We’ve had a lot of dumb ass shit. It’d have to be a pick a year, I dig around a min and then tell you some dumb thing that happened that year. Although things are kind of hilarious now. Chen did a 3 hour talk about the state of the FGC. It started with “I think eSports overpromised”.

Well no fucking shit. No fucking shit, Chen. eSports has been overpromising since MLG. Chen is so weird, I don’t know a person that I disagree with so much but still have a lot of respect in this scene as much as Chen.


I said all of that before it even got its claws of greed into the FG community.

I made it my sig.

It was obvious to anyone with a brain, and no personal agenda to make a quick buck.



Kermit keeps sipping tea though.

Remember when we were told that we’d be able to fund raise for SRK so we could get features we wanted on the site but then we changed forum software and things went back to the same silent ass bullshit communication since forever?

Perthoridge Farms Remembers.


I miss my Galaga ships and shields, I miss the rep threads, I miss giant animated avatars, I miss blue steel, I miss premium, i miss battle poll, I miss getting hate mail and people making parody accounts of me, I miss A LOT of posters. I miss pre-09 SRK. I miss so much.

I don’t know how to quit you though, $RK.

Oh, and I miss fighting games too. I haven’t played in a tournament since 2011 and haven’t really played a fighting game since from then until last year when I (unfortunately) bought SFV and played it for a whole 2 days before trading it in. SFxT (after all the dlc and patches) was the last fighter I truly enjoyed playing. I still love watching and following certain communities (tekken, NRS and dbfz mainly) but between lack of community in the area I live in, no motivation to learn the current meta of games and nerve damage in my left (see: dominate) hand. I simply just came bring myself to be apart of the fgc anymore.


question to marvel vs capcom 2 players who have played dragonball fighterz.
why if, DBFZ’s mechanics are so alike to MvC2, is the corner pressure game in DBFZ so strong while it isnt in MvC2?
because i dont remember the corner pressure game being so important in MvC2 like it is in DBFZ.
is it the super dash mechanic?
the whole being able to call in your assist to replace your character mid air mid combo?
what is the explanation why corner pressure is so heavy in DBFZ while it isnt in MvC2?
maybe my memory is failing me but in MvC2 fights would take place in the middle of the stage just as much as the corners.
its just something that has been bugging me lately.
its mysterious to me.


Corner pressure in MvC2 was ridiculous. Worse than in DBF because of Tridash high/lows.

Also pushblock and invincible assists (although these could technically be stuffed, they were just fast AF).

PS: DBF is trash.


Wy is DBFZ a dead game walking, whereas MVC2 is still kickin’ unfly all day?


I wouldn’t call a game that had the highest turn out at evo last year a “dead game”. Toei for whatever reason is trying to kill the tournament scene in Asia but I don’t think Bamco will let it die In the states without a fight. Especially now since Based-Harada is in charge of the esports branch of Bamco.

MvC2 still has a scene, sure but not in sense to where it’s profitable to TO’s and “sponsors”



Well nobody really knows wtf is going on with DBF. What we do know is that Harada mentioned being in charge of competitive play for it. Everybody is gonna have to hold that for a minute or two.

Second thing is that its now a couple of years since since Rising Thunder closed down from Riot acquiring The Cannons company. They’ve been tight lipped about w/e project is that they’re working on. I was expecting a reveal last Evo but, if its an FG, I think it probably gets revealed this coming Evo.


Toei don’t fuck around.

If they want it dead, it is going to die.

It isn’t with pleasure that I say this.

But it is fact.


its shueisha tho not toei. toei only has control over the cartoon not the ip known as dragonball.


dbfz is NOT dead man. you can get matches any time of day.

now guilty gear xrd is dead cuz ive been online a good 15 minutes waiting for a match and no one online.


Everybody at the top wanted eSports well…this is eSports.

Before people listened to all those idiots working in video game media and all that other trash, we could make a legitimate argument that we were just a hobbyist community. Because of that we were basically doing it for the love of it and nobody made enough money to bother suing us or doing a C&D over some bills.

Now we’re still a hobbyist community that’s basically doing this because we love it but people think there’s some money being made somewhere. Meanwhile UltraDavid hasn’t been paid a bunch and the vast majority of TOs barely break even on events.





Just wait for the fallout from its not being in tourneys.

Shame about Xrd.

Great game, that.

I think DBZ has potential.

It just needs to wash the furry off.