The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Was the before Jaxel was banned for saying the bugs were fixed if only they’d bother to update the software?

Where I used to live we had a place called Square Doughnuts. They were only open from like 6 AM to 9 AM, but that guaranteed the doughnuts were always fresh and amazing if you could get out of bed to get 'em.


Probably after Wiz banned Henaki for spitting facts on the front page, 'doe.

Fuckin’ beginning of the end, that period.


That was literally when they were discussing things we could do to save the forums from dying last year.


Oh, I thought we were digging.

I remember how “saving the forum” became a behind-closed-doors illuminati matter, just like everything else.


if only the fgc made DOTA money.
if only!


I miss peeps like Dead Frog, and Irenicus.


Yep. Unless you hung out in IRC chatroom you weren’t going to get the scoop on anything. It’s fucking stupid. Nothing but respect for the Cannons but, in what blue hell do you fucking ask twitter if the forums are worth saving? They spent more time talking to the people who didn’t use the forums than to the people who did/do.

But that’s also been everything. Everybody wondering wtf is going on with Evo prices. Can we get some good communication on it? Nah. Great, good times. Everybody has been told for years that to make it to Evo your game needs to meet certain qualifications but MK9 got in before it was released and BBTag made it when it was out for 2 months before Evo.

Character has to be out for a month before they’re legal at Evo? Nah its cool SF5, we’ll let Ibuki and Rog rock 2 weeks out.

SRK is spending 24k a year to run some forums, lets close it down before letting the community figure out if they can do something about it.

Its…a whole lot of a whole lot. Doing the community grind is a pain in the ass. But you need to cycle people in and out as to prevent burn out. People grow up and lose interest. That’s fine and pretty natural in all sorts of hobbies. Just make sure that things are being handed down properly. Switch it over to people who care and won’t do dumb ass shit with it.


I wish Capcom had applied that logic to their SFV and Infinite hires.

The 'Murikan influence and input straight up EZ Mode 1-Button Hell-Murdered those franchises.

Fuck all of the 'Murikans who ruined those games with their stupid ass taint.


Guilty Gear helped with SF5, my guy. But that’s a different bag of chips.




Guilty Gear is a good game.

Why is THAT a problem?


Don’t kid a kidder, much less yo’self.

SFV is Teri Shievo tier for a LOT of reasons - no single player, horrible balance, worse design, input lag, and most importantly Gay Ass A Service being the worst offenders.


Woshige plays Millia. Guess what kind of game you could’ve expected SF5 to be based on that?

Let me tell you, its what we got.


I love Millia.

She doesn’t work in a vacuum.

Basing a game around her is completely and utterly fucking retarded.

Guilty Gear is such a grand display of genuinely unique characters, it is godlike in its diversity of play.

THAT is what Shoto-Com ought to have taken from GG.


GUILTY GEAR XRD IS FUCKING DEAD MAN. no one online. back to dbfz


Never said it wasn’t.

Never was happy that DBFZ is a dead game walking.

Both are a shame.


The part that sucks is that BBTag is ridiculously fun but people are all over goku’s dick.

Seriously, BBTag is the best tag game out now free.


i wouldve bought it but dbfz was plain ole cheaper than tag during the steam xmas sale.


Corner pressure was only really bad if the opponent was playing sentinel (which admittedly was almost always). Those unfly amd fastfly HK’s were brutal and were so ridiculously hard to escape from. They were even good full screen with a well timed assist (Storm, cyclops or CapCom).

Storm had corner pressure if she had a sentinel projectile assist (again, this was almost always the case)

MvC2 is fucking ridiculously deep and nuanced at top play. As good as I was at the game I was still trash compared to pretty much all the top guys (Yipes, chunk, Potter, jwong etc)


Making half the roster DLC and it’s already excessively new age anime direction are a turnoff for most people. Guilty Gear XX Slash is really the only great game made by Arc System Works and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] makes all of their other work look mediocre in terms of gameplay. Their games do look pretty but at the cost of choppy animation and general lack of balance.


It’s amazing how you endlessly peddle the horse shit that Slash isn’t a fucking disaster of a game. That game is trash dude, fucking stop it.