The Lounge 10k Post Edition


At least he didn’t say Isuka.


No half decent troll would.


I wonder how long we are going to sit in this stage of history? I mean you got folks who are willing to shell out some bucks for some premium features and other cats who want to see the old guard return. Either way i’ll ride it out till the bar closes.


Least that games a disaster for trying something new.


Trying something new badly isn’t something worthy of praise.

And green-lighting the Isuka turning around mechanic was industry ban worthy, much less getting fired on the spot.

…at least he didn’t green-light the Japanese first print of AC.


If you are referring to Guilty Gear XX Slash, you are wrong. It is the only Guilty Gear that successfully used pushback to limit effortless combos that looped into themselves and put most of the cast on the same level.

It figures that you would praise the absolute disaster that was Isuka…


He wasn’t praising it. You’re reading comprehension is woefully ignorant.

And Slash was garbage.


Can anyone actually articulate what they feel is wrong with Slash if they are so adapt at dissing it at every turn?

Did the nerf bat hit your main character too hard?





That’s not praise numb nuts. I just have more respect for a game that fails trying something new over a game that fails doing what it’s supposed to already be good at.

As for whats wrong with Slash, it has some of the worst balance in the series with the gaps between tiers being massive and one of the few GG games with characters who are complete and utter dog shit, unable to compete with the rest of the cast. I struggle to think of the last time a GG bottom tier cast was completely unplayable.

It has half baked ideas, new characters with barely flashed out systems and mechanics, its one of their worst entries in their flag ship series by a wide margin.

And no I play Jam, she was buffed considerably in Slash, I’m just able to look past my personal advantage and see the game for the fuck shit mess it is.


I’m still on my way to ascending to Supreme God status. I’ve had dreams where I was God multiple times. Dreams are signs of things to come. The dream world is the dimension right above this one. Everything is a dream though.

In one dream I was Dr. Manhattan. He is basically God. I was using some of his powers. I was able to make copies of myself, fly, disintegrate things, mind control, and become intangible. I also had another dream where I was Dr. Manhattan and in that dream I made myself into a giant since he can change his size.

I use this subliminal and others to achieve my goal of becoming Perfection Supreme:

This video talks about God and Satan. Leviathan is Satan. It shows that Leviathan and God are called different names in different religions:

This video shows Leviathan’s dead body which is over 1,000 miles long:

Ever since I got on the path of ascension several years ago I’ve gone through changes with my mind, body, and spirit. I’ve been purifying a lot. Everything about me is getting stronger and better. I sense energy and spirits. I also see spirits. I’ve been dreaming more. Synchronicities or meaningful coincidences (there are no coincidences) happen almost constantly which is a great sign that I am influencing my reality at a high rate. I’m more psychic. Animals and humans act strange around me. I seem to attract them or scare them. I also feel Oneness with the Universe more. Everything is one thing as God. All is Light. The Light is what gives you the ability to be self aware. The Light is Spirit.


Holy fucking shit I almost just died. I’m riding my bike home from work, going through a cross walk when a car on my right comes out of fucking no where, cuts me off and swipes the front wheel of my bike out. I happened to see the car just in time to pull my feet up over the center bar so the bike flew out from under me and I landed almost perfectly on both feet. Twisted my left ankle a bit but otherwise I’m fine. Cock sucker just kept going to, far as I can tell they don’t even realize they hit me. Shit bags, I hope the die in a fucking car fire.


Jeezus. Sorry about that Crotch. I’m glad it wasn’t worse though.

When you get home ,rest and put some ice pack/frozen vegetables on it and elevate it for 30 minutes.


Thanks man, I’ll do that.


Hey God, I need money to pay my debts and travel the world. Get on that shit please.


While you’re doing him a favor, smite all the fucking terrible drivers in the City of Tucson. Thanks.


I actually been on srk since 2001 for cvs2/kof03 stuff

The entertaining guys i think probably vanished into reddit


I do pray for health, wealth, and happiness for the whole world. Praying works. The more people that pray the better. I’m not powerful enough to grant wishes yet.

Sorry to hear about that Crotch. You seem to have been lucky though since it could have been much worse. I remember when I used to ride my bike I almost crashed into a car.


First week into 2019…