The Lounge 10k Post Edition


thank @GodX166 that you’re safe! He favors you Radiant, blessed art thou.


Glad you’re OK, man. Fucking assholes on the road give no fucks.


Fucking Americans


Next did dude just up and leave hit and run style? You might have a case

I did some time traveling on myspace and looked through my personal messages. God damn girls back then i would get laid off myspace.

Sometimes i forget how it was to be single and then get laid by randos just because.

Then i remember how unfulfilling it was to cum on some rando girl i just im’d 3 hours ago.

Makes me think how dudes slay on tinder.

Here i am married and sex happens when we make time for it.

But man when i was a teenager and in my early college years sex was right there whenever.

It isn’t like i want it all the time. She does get the work. But it’s like damn i have to get these chores done.

And then she drops this on me today

Going to be a dad. And here i am hoping if i have a daughter she doesn’t end up all frisky like her mom. And if i have a son i hope he chooses good girls and doesn’t fuck with crazies like i did.

And wondering man i better not fuck this up. But hey @pertho can do it. So maybe


Being a dad is easy. You know all the shitbaggery you’ve seen all those people do all of your life? Just do the opposite of all that.



Plot twist. He’s the actual shit bag to everyone. So. :thinking:

This has to be one of the most saddest and pathetic flexes I’ve ever read.


Congrats and EAD.

I spent all day painting with my daughter so you hold that. Btw, Savers, Goodwill and Garage sales are you best friends with baby clothes. They legitimately outgrow everything quickly so there’s no point in buying either brand or new anything. Just get mentally prepared for sleepless nights and other stuff. It won’t be as bad as advertised as long as you get yourself mentally prepared for. A lot of people clown around thinking that they’ll have the same schedule they did before the baby so they end up hating all of it.

Oh, and make sure you get some skin to skin time with your newborn. I didn’t, not necessarily a regret but kinda wish I’d had.

Also fuck all electronic toys. Old fashioned analog stuff is way better for their development.


Unless it’s multiples.

The sleep loss from twins is worse than twice as bad, turns out.




Oh god wifey is nuts. But at least she makes money. The thing i am trying to workout is how our work schedules workout

And i was not flexing. Just stating it was easy to get pussy online back in the day. It probably is way easier now. Just like how porn worked. The guys who say guys who talk about getting laid are flexing are usually sexless losers who jack off to furry porn using their my little pony fleshlights.

Literally though my worst fear about raising a kid is fucking up their mentality.

Also if you take my abrasiveness as reallity you really must buy into kayfabe.

I guess that guest room turns into the kids room now.

Hoping i get to make a wrestling fan and cartoon fan out of them. But they might rebel and like baseball instead
Another feae



If your entire post history is pretty much you being a shit bag and a douche. Guess what? People are going to think you’re a shit bag and a douche.

iust kayfabe them into thinking you’re a good person.


For real, daycare expenses rule my life now.


Fucking Cali though. If you guys can afford ot have a stay home parent, that’s the best bet.


You’re in Texas, right?


Yep, but Cali costs of living makes stay home parenting impossible.


We’d do the stay at home deal, but that would put us SO far behind once the kids are school-aged.

Probably the best of all world’s must be where one of the parents can swing some sort of work-from-home.


Beyond an extra 2.5% sales tax, and a couple hundred more a month on rent?


You see what a 200K house in Cali is compared to a 200K house in TX is.

I have friends in Cali, I have family in Cali, I’d visit Cali but I would never live there.

Nevermind how crazy the LA School system is.



I’d rather keep renting, and get interest off of that 200K.


It varies by market, but around here you’re a lot better off buying.