The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Where abouts are you?



College town, so a lot of competition for rentals. Paid $135k two years ago for a place estimated to go for $165k today. So already up $30k in equity before you even factor what we’ve paid on the mortgage.


My sister and brother in-law are super lucky in their situation with my nephew. My sister works full time for the city of Tacoma on top of going to school full time. My brother in-law is retired military. So while she’s at work or at school he is at home taking care of the kid until she gets home at 4 and then she takes care of the kid the rest of the evening and throughout the night.

On weekends my sister takes care of the kid since she barely sees him during the week while
My brother in-law does volunteering at the local car mueseum and the local art studio.

They got their system down pretty tight. The have an awesome flow going. I’m sure most parents would be pretty envious of their situation.

They want to move from Seattle to some where out here in the south (Likely Tulsa, OK) since cost of living is so much lower compared to Seattle (to the point neither of them would have to work and they could live off my brother in-laws army retirement and disability) and all the family would be in relatively short distance (part of my brother in-laws family live in Tulsa, OK, Part of them live in Kansas and my sisters part of the family ie: me, my parents, grandma live in Arkansas)


Damn dude glad to hear your okay! Be safe and well!


If you haven’t called the cops, do so. Odds are that if you’re accident happened near a store, it may have been recorded if they have outside cameras.

AZ has some insanely aggressive drivers though. Shit is scary even in a car.


Hope you are alright,

Make a report with the police, and see a doctor just to make sure you are okay.
If the doc find something wrong because of thew accident make sure you let the police know too


Looking at Zillow, there’s a noticeable difference in the market in Cruces vs El Paso even. From what I’m seeing, you can get slightly more house in El Paso for what you can get in Cruces. I figured it would be the opposite situation.


No fucking shit.

Illinois is way, way worse, though.


Don’t rely too much on real estate markets making sense.


I know you guys have some of the most dirt cheap rent on the net.

I was bored one day, and Googled it.

You’re in like the top 10 cheapest.

Tucson is too.

Though @Radiantsilvergun3 has noted there are other issues.


That’s because Las Cruces fucking sucks.

All of New Mexico sucks. The whole place is memes worths of shitty. Hella cute girls though. Like weird sirens trying to trap into the left over dirt God had after making the better states.



New Mexico has better food than Texas :taco::taco::taco:


Oh hell nah


It sure as fuck doesn’t.



Bullshit. The Hatch Valley is right here.

We have better meth, too :rofl:


That information is false. The game contains at least a single balanced version of every character.

Absurd: Ky, Sol
Competitive: Everyone else + #Reload Ky + #Reload Sol
Trash: Beta Ky, Beta Sol

Its mechanics are completely inherited from #Reload and not ruined by Slash Back, Floor Slide, Force Break, Dead Angle Attack, Tension Pulse, Danger Time, Blitz Shield, etc.


Tex-Mex doesn’t count.

Kinda like Kermit gif vs :coffee: