The Lounge 10k Post Edition



I’m at the dragon ball broly movie premiere in NYC. And all of NYC fgc niggas loud jn the back. Yipes n people


That’s unfortunate. I’d be super pissed. I hate theater crowds. Especially when they’re fucking obnoxious. I remember seeing Avengers opening night and I told myself I’m never going to a premier show again. The crowd was fucking unbearably obnoxious and stupid

It’s why I always go in the middle of the week when the theaters are fucking deserted.


Its DBZ. If you cant be hype for that then you cant be hype at all.


That’s stupid rational. You can be excited and hype for something without being a loud, obnoxious piece of shit.


Movie hasnt started yet. So it as not a problem yet


I especially hate it during heartfelt emotional moments in movies where someone in the audience just has to play the wise-cracking asshole. THOSE guys can go eat a dick.

…Oh, and people who bring babies to anything over G-rated movies. I don’t give a fuck if you couldn’t get a babysitter, FUCK OUTTA HERE!


Movie ticket prices:
Adults: $10
Seniors: $7
Babies: $800


You keep believing all that dumb bullshit.


I will believe the verified truth. It is all documented history, but you can believe whatever you want to believe and deprive yourself of the best game in the series.


shut the fuck up.


sheeeeit, Project Bluebook is on History channel now…a show about the secret government program that was put together to investigate UFOs…and yep; the “Project Bluebook” program itself happened to be a real thing, apparently.


All Slash has to its name, is giving precedence for Ky not sucking in Xrd.

Whether that be to its credit or not, depends on your personal stance regarding Emo paedo Ryu clones.

Then again, he DID give us Sin, so yeah.

Run it up the flagpole indeed, I guess.



Thanks for the update. I am definitely going to check it out.


This R. Kelly docu is uncomfortable to watch (which is intentional I guess). The fact that so many ppl (including parents of those girls) helped the nigga get away with this shit for 2 decades makes it worse🤦🏾


My friend and I almost went to that premiere today but instead we got tickets for tomorrow. Which theater did you go to? Kips Bay, 42nd or Lincoln Square? @maxx


Dark general lives in NYC? Learn something new every day


Well her mom retired and my mom retired last year and the plan was they want to babysit. Or course my mom died. So now her mom will be the main caretaker. My aunt and great aunt promised to also jump in. I just want my kid to have both halfs represented in their upbringing.

This shutdown has me fucking pissed. In the middle of a rennovation and now i am going to be a dad. I wont be paid until this fuck says so.

Remember kids always have a nest egg.

God. This grown up talk is refreshing.

The thing in cali is we both have access to families. She works for ucla and i work a fed job we do pretty well. My current mortgage is only 2600 a month with about 8 more years until it gets paid off.

But my situation is not everybody’s. I just happen to have fallen into a space where i can afford to live the way i do.

But shit. That feeling when my student loans got wiped out this year is going to be like yo


Yup, I’ve lived in NYC for most of my life. I tend not to talk about my personal life or be more general because anonymity is a super power.

Another fun fact: I used to play fighting games against Kreymore (and lesser extent his twin brother Dieminion) back in the early 2000’s.