The Lounge 10k Post Edition


The back row of the theater was this lol.


Seeing this picture makes me want to go to the gym.


“enjoy that pay cut”


shocked sonicfox didnt act like an asshole and actually dressed appropriately for the occasion. oh wait, he just wants to act like an asshole douche at tourneys. that are now cancelled.


speaking of dragonball fighterz.
ive yet to see anyone online use even one single ginyu or one fat buu or one nappa since getting the game.
fucking tier whores i swear.


It’s amazing what people will do to themselves and others they care about to maintain a life style once they have it and become use to it. Scary stuff…


See now that is a good callback. We can all agree that the government sucks


For anyone interested, Fathom Events has a double feature of the 2018/2019 animated DC films, “Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen” on Jan 13/14.

Sunday Jan 13th showing is at 12:55 pm
Mon Jan. 14th showing is at 8:00 pm

What’s nice is that the fee for this is their standard fee ($13.50 in my area) making it a good deal since its 2 films.


you dont ever stop crying do you?



give me money and i’ll stop


i just saw, something awful outside my window.
looking out my window, i saw a lil cute doggy that was unleashed run into the street. and i saw a oncoming car, about to collide with it.
and i yelled “loook ouuut!” but to no avail.
it got hit.
died instantly.
sooo sad.
i think it was one of the dogs this dog walker was walking. she had some dogs leashed but some others werent.
cuz right before i saw her walking dogs. like i said. some leashed. some werent.
then she turned the corner. a little after the lil yellow doggy went running. i guess to look for her cuz she turned a corner.
ran into the street.
then it just lay there.
then she came back. apparently looking for the dog. walked past it twice. didnt see it.
assuming the dog was hers or her responsibility.
oh boy. some dog owner gonna be real mad today.
RIP lil one.


That’s terrible. RIP


Can’t like the post, for the topic, but damn - appreciate the sentiment, and that you tried.

R.I.P. indeed.



Why’d you have to post that man.

I’m going to go hug all my dogs and tell them I love them.


Always leash your dogs. My dog getting old. Just fostering a rescue and might not want to let go


So I was talking to my bestie on fb messenger and I wanted to send him a tweet from Cookie Monster and I accidentally copied a tweet from an artist I follow who constantly posts nsfw content and sent that tweet instead instead. My friend is now questioning everything he knew about me.

I don’t blame him.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


Men referring to our buddies as besties now?


Yeah? Why wouldn’t I? He’s my bestie. Get your toxic masculinity out of here.


I tell my close friends that I love them. I do that because I do.

If you dont love the people you have 10+ years of active friendships with, then you dont love anybody. Not gonna wait til Im dying to let the people I value know that I do.

You guys can keep all your gay hang ups to yourselves.