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My best friend passed away a year and a half ago. Knew him since 1987.

You don’t have to tell anyone you love them, but don’t let the reason for that just be because you couldn’t get over yourself. Because all that shit you do love will someday leave you in an instant.


Oops all berries


You misread him because you agree with him.


Trynna see why a "Leaving Neverland"documentary is a thing when those ppl admitted they lied on Michael Jackson. 🤦🏾


So I did.


Damn my dudes, ya got all deep with that shit. Ain’t nothing wrong with having love for your boys. Friendship is great. I just think using the term bestie is weird. Like I couldn’t picture introducing my closest friends to someone as my “bestie”

Call me Mr Toxic Masculinity, but that is just very unmanly. I usually only hear women use that term. Not grown men.



…I’m still Diet 7-Up for ass eating, 'doe.


I agree, bestie and bff is some girl shit. Sayin that to a bro seems gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But as a straight man, not using those terms


Funny you say that because a lot of old literature has plenty of love used in non-romantic friendships.

The one that’s rough for me is the term best friend. I have a very tight group of 10ish people whom are all very dear to me. So I’ve had to rework whom I call a friend and who is just a good acquaintance.

Truth is that if I wouldn’t call you for help or if I wouldn’t expect a call from you when you need help, then we really aren’t friends. Some people may think that’s hurtful to say. But reality is that there are people I enjoy hanging out with but I’m not going to allow into that personal space. Friendship is something you build, not something that happens just because of proximity.

Its one of the issues with the english language. So many words are given a multitude of meanings to where it complicates things. I’m very fond of a lot of my common acquaintances and I’ll help out if they need it. But I’ll make myself a pretzel for a friend.


Not that I necessarily disagree with the sentiment, but fuck it all if the term “toxic masculinity” isn’t so bad that it isn’t even funny, that it’s funny.

It has no teeth.

Call out a dude’s masculinity in a way that won’t make him laugh at you for it.

Be efficacious in your insults.


Evoke anger, not emotional content.


Oh I agree 100%. Friend is a title that is earned. Acquaintances should be separated from friends. Nothing dickish about defining ones inner circle and not letting just anyone in it.


Even gay men using it is weird to me. Gay or not. You’re still a grown man referring to another grown man as Bestie. Imagine some of the most iconic friendships in film and TV using this term.

The Walking Dead where Rick tells Daryl that he like a brother to him. But instead tells him he is his bestie. Or Will Smith and Martin Lawrence at the end of Bad Boys, Instead of “You’re like my brother man” it’s “you’re my bestie man” Or Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida "I just saw my best friend come back to life "Replaced with “I just saw my Bestie come back to life”


Who the fuck cares? I mean, clearly you do I just don’t understand why.

Literally no one is forcing you to say those words. It doesn’t effect you in any way so why do you care?


Actually I dont care much, I saw what the current convo was and merely chimed in. That’s you catching feelings, fam🤷🏾


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Still working on that bang maid retirement plan?

I tell my friends and family i love them because i do. I also tell my dog i love him because i do.

Besties is like middle aged mom language


Kenshiro taught me that real men cry.


Because hes weird and everyone got to be openly racist . And they dont wanna admit they were wrong.


MJ was innocent.

Childlike, even.


Would you like a new Plunger to continue bringing up old shit with?