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Daboog 'dat Enema of the Bate. (sic)


I just thought it was an odd term for a man to use is all. Carry on sir.


the funny, fascinating thing with the R. Kelly situation… at least to me—is that each time this stuff gets dug up and talked about in the media, there’s no serious consequence for him… he just skates by on all accusations, apparently invincible once again…and his career actually improves each time it’s brought up! The controversy helps push sales! :rofl: At this point he might even be thrilled whenever people start talking about that shit again.

It’s amusing how plain and in everyone’s face the shit was back in the days with Aaliyah… they did an interview together on Video Soul, I remember, and there seemed to be a bit of a cheeky “ooohhhh is there something going on between you two??? care to give us the scoop?” tone there as everyone smiled and laughed it off. On top of that you have this girl with her 2nd hit single singing about “Age Aint Nuthin’ But a Number.…and now aint nothin but a thing….”:smile:


R. Kelly won’t escape this time seems like it, they on a manhunt. They already got Cosby, hope Kell’s legal team on point, cuz the evidence is damning.

And the timing of all this shit is odd, I heard a rumor Weinstein just got off on his charges and Spacey’s trial is just starting



The biggest thing I hate about r.kelly…is every fuckin person in the industry knew. It’s not on some Harvey weinstein… we heard rumors. It wasnt a rumor for them, he wasn’t hiding shit they all knew. But they try to pretend they are better person by saying, " oh I worked on his album but my name wasn’t on it"…but you didnt call the police…and you still for paid. Stfu.



You’re on a different tier of whiteness if you dont know who R. Kelly is.


The world knew about R. Kelly, not just the industry. The relationship with Aaliyah, the Pee Tape told us everything we needed to know, but the world chose to ignore it cuz the niggas music was good.

Boondocks warned us…


Music artists knew. Dame dash knew, jay knew so many people knew. This is before the tape…


Hell, I’m sure them industry cats smashed an underage girl or 3, now they shook and distancing themselves from Kelly. R. Kelly might take some down with him


I first heard of him via The Boondocks.

light itself, ain’t got shit, on me, I guess.


You never watched spacejam??? Aignt heard I believe i can fly???



That was him???


I knew something was wrong with him when he made an optimistic song about Gotham City for the Batman and Robin sound track.

“Gotham City… a city of Justice…” lol


Even knowing who he is, I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention to what he looks like.

But then I wouldn’t recognize most celebrities one way or another.


Happy 20th Anniversary, Batman Beyond!


This man speaks the truth and i don’t even live in the state. Just next to it thou.


An episode of BoJack Horseman in season 2 or 3 I believe perfectly explains why R.Kelly was able to do this for so long. Diane was trying to expose Hank Hippopopalus for the sexual harrassment claims his numerous ex assistance have made against him. But the pubic gave her shit for coming at him because he is well liked. But that’s only half the reason why Kelly got away with it.

The other half is that as Diane kept pushing the issue. Higher ups didn’t like that. I.E Wanda the Owl who was a network executive. And Hank’s show was her network’s biggest hit. So Diane getting on his ass was messing with people’s money. As well as her husband Mr Peanutbuter who host a game show on that Network that was gonna have Hank as a contestant. So the powers that be including hank himself made Diane back off

I think that’s the main reason R.Kelly went untouched for so long. He wasn’t just liked. He was needed. There were many people that stood to lose a lot with R.Kelly going down. Not just the big wigs, but even down to the little people in make up, wardrobe, sound engineering and shit. Prime R.Kelly was just to big and made some people a lot of money for him to fall. They weren’t gonna let him. But 20 years later, and now he isn’t on top of the world like he use to be with his music. Now’s the time to seek justice because there’s no more money to be made off him.

This is what happens when you have a industry in which jobs revolve around the success and talent of a single individual. If a CEO of a company did some shit like this. You just replace him or her. The business still remains and people still get to work and earn a living. But a big time entertainer? They are the business, they are the job creator. They go down, everyone that works with him or her and depends on their career to provide them work is fucked


Sexual assault and rape is rampant I. the entertainment industry, and sad thing is most people that see something keep quiet.
Most of the industry is guilty