The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Out of all the hashtags to blacklist…waifu is the one Instagram does now.


A few people I know with sprint have regular reception problems with them. Bad connections, dropped calls, etc. AT&T is good out here too, but they tend to be really bipolar with their rates. T-Mobile is ehhhhh. Verizon does generally good everywhere in Vegas, particularly in places where others tend to struggle, like fringe areas of Henderson, Blue Diamond, Summerlin.


Generally for coverage it goes Verizon > AT&T >>> Sprint > T-Mobile. But the situation in any given city can vary, and if you live in an area where Sprint or T-Mobile is strong, the value on the dollar tends to be way better than the other two.


If I had to choose a song to represent my current state of mind:



You have struck comedy gold. Thanks for sharing it.


why’d you pick a russian song? are you russian?


Fuck Sprint, they have the worst area coverage (or at least in the East Coast) and the most dropped calls.
I rather be a Verizon customer than a Sprint customer.
Only service provider that more shitty than Sprint is AT&T, I swear their customer service is staffed by orks.

But then again I use T-mobile, who seems to be the least shitty out of the bunch.


When I was out on the road the first year, I had AT&T and service was spotty as fuck. Imagine being out in some rural area for a week with nothing to do and you have to walk a mile to a Subway to use the WiFi because the service is so abyssmal. AT&T got worse as my contract went on. I was missing calls at home from people asking me to play gigs and at a time when I really needed the money, that was unacceptable.

After I switched to Verizon I never had any of that happen again. Does it cost more? Yes. Are they a shitty company for the most part? Yup, although I’ve never had trouble with them tbh. But knowing I probably wasn’t going to be somewhere and not have coverage is worth the extra dough I shell out for it.


whats the best fastest way to learn guitar? @TheDoctaMario


Learn to play simple songs you like


Get some instruction of some sort, at least for the basics. There’s a difference between best and fastest, and it depends on what your goals are. You trying to just fuck around and play songs you like, or are you trying to be more creative with it? Do you want to learn music theory and why things work the way they do?


Dude look who you’re talking to. He wants to learn Guitar to aid in his pussy crushing game. I see you Pussystuffer.


Man, Japan man …


look. everyone knows girls love musicians. maybe actors too. trust me when i tell you girls arent impressed with any other art career. you can be the world’s greatest architect. no bitch will ever give a fuck.
a building blueprint you drew up wont ever get you laid.
but i do love music. i know how to read and write music already. i just dont know how to play an instrument yet.
but i remember one mom of a rock n roll musician told him when he was young, she gave her son the best advice a mother could ever give a son to how to get laid, she said “son, if you wanna pick up girls, learn how to play guitar.”
mother of the year lol.
sorry i dont remember who the rock musician was anymore. dont remember.
great mom tho.
made sure she got her son’s dick wet.



I need to have “I have Mondays” on a shirt


Oh no you’re gonna be this guy huh?


whats the best mecha game ever made?
ZOE 2nd runner?