The Lounge 10k Post Edition


I would probably see this if it was real.


Platform shoes wouldn’t be enough to get Marky Mark on Dwayne’s level.


Ryan Reynolds would be better in the role anyway.


There’s a guy named Optimus Timelord who does great TF toy gifs.

Here is the new Skytread toy (2018) with the old 1987 G1 commercial animation


Does the sweater come out in different colors?


i doubt it…usually stuff like this is one color option especially pricey ass shit. because if they put it out with the gucci label…people gonna buy it just for the label and not because it actually looks good.


And now it’s discontinued, so only Kanye owns one.

And a few Mr. Popo cosplayers.


I gotta step my meal prep game up, snackin on chips & them poisonous ass Vienna sausages at work ain’t gonna cut it😑


So ski masks are black face now?


Snack on salami and cheese and pickles.


Ski masks are ‘you gonna get robbed now’ face.


that sweater is offensive, nt for anything racist but cuz of how ugly it is. yuck.


Thats a great idea, actually. Gonna try that


Yea right, like far as i knew they meant it was either cold as a mother fucker out, or you where being robbed.


Shit, man, they dont even wear ski masks to rob anymore. They just rob you in their normal clothes and make sure they hair looks good.

I had some guy rob me at knife point but he just ran away. And yup, no ski mask and the mofo looked like he had nice clothes on so I was wondering what he thought he’d get from me. Fuckin’ had two bucks…gonna go get a steel reserve.





I was on the Keto diet for 2 or 3 years. That became my normal snack foods, plus avacado, during that time. Its still pretty much what I go for when I want a snack now even though I’m not doing Keto anymore.


I’d say she was resigned looooong ago.


Ever since I saw that link, I’ve had this humming in my head:

“There once was a lady who swallowed a horse.”

“She’s dead, of course.”

Related, ya think?


Yet black face moonwalker still staying