The Lounge 10k Post Edition


It is Florida.

The only reason she had to resign, was because she wasn’t fuck up enough.


Should have been EATING faces.



Oh no…thats not how any of this works lmfao


What stupid logic by Michelle Rodriguez, granted I don’t think Liam Neeson is a racist but still…


You guys telling me that people can’t change over 40 years?
Go in a time machine and tweet at Liam in 1978.


< Darksakul>
Twitter didn’t exist in 1978. :smirk:
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</testing twice to verify that yes, punctuation ruins said caret encapsulation hiding - does the first one show up in quotes?>


EDIT: No, it just drops the line in a quote. Damn. I was hoping for some funnies with text/link hiding. Odd that on edit the line is still there though… :thinking:



What’s the issue? This guy is getting attacked for thinking of a terrible thing 40 years ago.


Leave me out of this


Currently talking about michelle saying he cant be racist caused he kissed a black woman. Also calm down lmfao you taken this way too personal


Yea Michelle’s comments are stupid.
And I’m definitely calm lol wtf Not taking anything personal, just sick of all this “let’s attack someone for the past”. 40 years ago for Neeson or 8 years ago for Kevin Hart. This outrage generation is fucken dumb.


I get liam way more than i get kevin. Neelson had the option to not tell that story. In the interview she was just doin random press junket stuff…the story was super fuckin out of left field. It made no sense why he used that platform for it

But the problem is…lies and thinkjng like this has gotten black people killed. This is the emmet till story, based off something that didnt involve him he got killed.

I get peoples anger. I didnt need to know he thought this way. This isnt like the traditional outrage culture where people dug up some stuff. Liam brought everything on himself. If people are mad they have a right to be…they didnt try and look this up , theybwerent digging through tweets from 8 yrs ago. Liam told it…this week.


Yeah and its a bunch of bullshit that should just be shrugged off but dumb fucks gonna be dumb fucks.



Would have been cooler if he’d been missing a limb below the right knee.


No, no one got hurt, no one was effected by this, and a man realized he had some horrible thoughts and shared how he grew and moved past them.

Being pissed off a guy shared a story is fucking petty as fuck. Go find some actual damage to be pissed about, this is nothing but a man sharing a story about a time he had shitty thoughts and regrets them. This is absolutly outrage culture.


I am kinda sick with outrage culture.
I swear people need thicker skin.


To be fair, nobody was hurt simply because he couldnt find a black person to kill. I aint outraged, but Liam on that “gotta keep yo eye on this nigga” list. Shouldve kept that story to himself


Yea i much prefer when shit comes at me from my blind side.