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The other thing about it that bothers me is that Neeson was using that story to promote his new movie.


Remember that scene where the accountant wants to blackmail Bruce Wayne for being Batman, and Morgan Freeman just laughs in his face?

It’s happening


Bezos has more money than God Herself, and ZERO FUCKS to give.

This is great. :+1:


At first, I was thinking “Really? They’re seriously trying to extort/blackmail someone through E-mail like that?”

But then I realized that shit must work more often than not. Probably got a lot of people with that, but just bumped into the wrong dude this time.


haha, some platforms are so silly at this point with the pandering to certain groups (especially the ones that like to play “Pretend” about certain things…) that get their little panties in a twist over any perceived slight… it’s laughable. (*sidenote—hell yeah I’d ravage…)


Twitch Streamer HelenaLive Banned for Saying There’s Only Two Genders

HelenaLive is not wrong…

Someone on YouTube wrote:

Next up: People getting banned for saying Earth is round

Someone on YouTube wrote:

Meanwhile DSP can shit on Ninja and he doesn’t get to even apologize.


Biologically speaking humans are binary on gender. You still have hermaphrodite and asexuals as it a medical possibility. I Even accept people going with the label of trans males and trans females as it’s an medical description.

But this “there dozens of genders” thing is getting out of hand. Its almost like people are making up confusing terms just to feel special.

Although the guy who said he sexually identifies as a Apache Helicopter is a genius, pointing out at some point we as a society need to draw the line.

[edit] Yes i mixed up sex and gender, old habbit.


Well… There’s that one sf char identifies as a car


Lol, what the fuck?

Real life I am all for acceptance of others, but wtf Crapcom?


Biologically there are two sexes, and a whole bunch of medical reasons why people might not clearly fall into just one of the two.

Gender is a lot more ill defined, and rather than make up new ones I wish people would just stop worrying so much about them altogether.


Sex is a chromosome.

Gender is myriad genes… possibly with some environmental factors at the edges - but mostly genes.

…and the perception of such, naturally.

It would be nice if there were but a singular attitude towards it though: tolerance.

Death in a fire to furries, 'doe.

Real Talk.


And also a massive truckload of cultural norms and socialization. Not even like you could run a microarray and get back a polygenic gender score that would tell you anything useful.


I would argue that society is the set of constructed holes trying force everyone down its particular shapes, there, but yeah.


Indeed. If that bitch just said sexes and mentioned chromosomes, she would be fine.
But people are retards and confused sex/gender like they do nationality/ethnicity.


Yea… Cause one raped his family friend. It was thoughts of anger based on emotional response. You really gonna think you gotta keep an eye out on a guy who was a pissed off 20-something year old 40 years ago? Yea those people NEVER change.

Pretty sure all 20 year olds never think like retards.


U aint black, so i dont expect u to understand. Ppl change, but some don’t, I ain’t takin no chances in the Trump era, my dude. And I ain’t apologizing for keepin my guard up in regards to an (allegedly) former racist🤷🏾


This is basically the worst generation. I suspect that social media truly made things worse. People do not know how to communicate with each other anymore. Plus a lot of people who like to waste their time and not be productive are constantly on twitter stalking/criticizing people because their own life is a hollow void.

Most people who are busy and actually do something with their lives don’t have time to bitch about every little things on social media. Unfortunately idiots/losers come in majority so their voices are definitely heard through social media. Then you start getting people who are shocked and outraged.

Instead of using social media as a medium to teach other people various things and incite some kind of cooperation, we just get the bad stuff instead. I believe that this also affected how people talk to each other in real life. People seem to be even more shy than usual and are a lot more introverted.

I remember going to bars back in the day and seeing way more people talk and mingle compared to now. People are outraged so easily that they become butt hurt pussies who can’t even solve a problem without bitching or running away from it. Kids have become so soft now because millenials shield them from everything and don’t let them fend for themselves to grow a pair.

In any case I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. But yeah fuck this new generation and social media.


So Baby Boomers.


Maybe I should worry, he also said

"“If he was Irish, a Scot or Brit or a Lituhanian,I know I would have had the same reaction.”

So if a polish guy raped his family, I’d be on the hook too. :tipping_hand_man:t2:

This was an anger issue, not a race issue.


Not arguing with you.

Liam Neeson is Irish.

They consider denomination race.

Laugh until you cry kind of crazy.