The Lounge 10k Post Edition


If a Polish guy raped his family, he’d have smoked George Peppard, and called it a day.


I only use yelp.

I used to use Facebook but stopped because

A) I don’t really need to know that Joe from middle school just brushed his teeth.
B) Random uncles and aunts being nosey about my pictures and relationship.

No twatter or Instagram for me. A lot of these online hoes seem to just want to amass legions of thirsty dudes to praise them unceasingly .


Seem to.

Seem to, he says.

Since when did you get so politic, J?


Hey SRK Lounge folks, let’s go in on a house…


Aint no argument, you in yo feelings cuz I and other blacks not forgiving a “former” racist, like that shit killing u inside. The audacity of u to tell an entire race how to they should feel being discriminated against

Easy to say shit like that when it doesn’t affect you



I… think you need to calm down.

I never once stood by Neeson.

…all “White” people are bad, now?


All white ppl are bad? Where u get that from? U reachin, fam. But anyway, we will agree to disagree and leave that where it is


No, no, no.

I never stood by Liam like a Tammy.

Read the thread.

See what I have “liked”, even. (barf)

He was dumb as all fuck coming out with that.

Not as dumb as his actually having had those thoughts, but massively dumb nonetheless.



Alright, I need to clarify some things because the fucking Tumblr generation and the gender twats have cratered the credibility of the social sciences, in particular sociology and anthropology. Professors have also done a terrible, absolutely atrocious job of explaining what is it that we actually are dealing with. Because we have important limitations that need to be understood; no big deal, all sciences have limitation because they narrow their scopes i.e. we aren’t asking physicists to explain the shit in chemistry; geology isn’t trying to talk to us about celestial bodies etc.

Anthropology and Sociology are working on a very precarious space. We, because I did the stupid thing and got a degree in Anthropology, deal with the psychological manifestations of group behaviors. What do I mean by that? Groups of people are behaving in all sorts of way due to the innate software running in your brain and we’re studying the effects of how they choose to organize themselves. Anthro/Socio approach things in different ways due to theory and methodology (socio loves surveys and numbers, anthro loves nitty gritty shit like "I’m gonna kick it with the cannibals for 6 months to see what they’re about) which leads to different data sets on what that organization looks like.

The big, big, big, big, big, big, big and really amazingly interesting problem we have is that when it comes to all the neurological nonsense that can happen, we’re out of the loop. The best we can do is tell you how any given group of people deals with any given neurological situation manifesting itself in said group. So if somebody is fucking crazy, I wasn’t trained to deal with crazy people. On the other hand, I can tell you how the group dealt with the situation of crazy and other situations of crazy.

Why social justice idiots can go eat a dick on this issue.

The SJWubbaDubbas are sort of hilariously miopic in scope. okay they’re all fucking idiots. The social sciences can tell you how any one culture works, not dictate how a culture should work. You do have places in Asia (this being the gamut from India to Bali) where men who dress like women and women who dress like men are assigned a different categorization with a name for it. They aren’t saying that a male in female clothes is the same as a woman, just this happen, and because it happened it needs a name. The culture created a space for that to operate. Just becuase they create this categorizations doesn’t mean that they’re entirely okay with the behavior. India has a large population of what you’d label in the US as trans men and they aren’t in any way shape or form nice to them; contrast that with Thailand where public schools have rest rooms for basically that third categorization.

How that relates to the US.

The US very much, in the overall, have two that’ its willing to work with. What we can tell you is that its possible for cultures to make additional categorizations because we have evidence for it in other cultures. The issue is that the SJWubbies don’t quite understand what that really means. Because the overall designation at the top is two categories, then a lot of the fight in some sections is for splitting everybody in two (that would mean a person with a penis wearing normally female clothing styles as well as person with vagina wearing normally male clothing styles).

If they weren’t complete knuckle draggers, they would just say:

Look, there are people who, for biological/neurological reasons move towards certain types of behaviors. We can’t give you the fast and hard super specific science of it because we definitely don’t have the full picture. In the meantime it would be really helpful to just create a cultural space where they can operate with a little bit more comfort.

Because that’s really all you’re looking for. ultimate you want them to be treated with the same mundane indifference we treat everybody else. Instead though, we get this absolute insanity:

This, this is a massive problem. This is a massive problem because medicine didn’t understand that the Appendix had an important function in the body until not too long ago. Science is slow and steady progress. Most of the people shooting from the hip about this don’t really care about science really. If they did then they’d go into relevant fields to address the questions coming up instead of gender studies or w/e other bullshit that’s ill equip to study anything. Because there’s a lot of nitty gritty involving the biology/neurology of this situation and they don’t seem to really want to study that aspect of it in depth.

Trans people are also a hilariously small amount of the population. The media is doing a terrible job of informing people because they’re acting like your boy is suddenly going to start wearing a dress and your girl is going to star chewing tobacco. Treat them like regular people and just let them be. The ain’t bothering anybody. Just wanna work a job they don’t like and their lives like the rest of us do.

SJW and Tumblr are the most unhelpful of things. Can’t say enough bad things about both.


friend just messaged me letting me know one of my shirt designs was spotted in germany in some small town lmfao


That is very well explained


To be fair, most rednecks would be fine with one and not the other lol


Just as a tangent to all that, I do find the whole Trans vs TERF war weirdly fascinating.


Makes perfect sense if you’re familiar with some of the literature. If your claim is that biological women offer something that biological men don’t, then men acting like women is basically an insult to your position.

So either women are intrinsically special for their femininity or just a biological irrelevancy (in the eyes of TERFs).

Doesn’t really help that one side desperately wants to erase biology unless its convenient for them (the trans side) and other wants toe erase biology because they’re mad at permutations of it (the TERF side). Its better to just enjoy their yelling and avoid the headaches they present.


I was gonna say, my grandma chews tobacco. So what? What does that have to do with any of it?



Bunch of fuckin’ weirdos. I hate white guys. I hate black guys. I hate white guys that hate black guys. I hate black guys that like white guys. I hate asian bitches for not dating messican dudes. I hate all!

Oh, and these people I hate I will never meet in person, have a conversation with and not get to know them. But imma still hate them.


You’ve come a long way, Tekno Virus

The first new City Hunter anime in 20 years debuts in Nippon theatres today.


Is it weird that im like 31 years old and still not interested in a serious relationship? Sure, its gets lonely on occassion, but as long as I make good money and can get me a piece of ass, I’m good🤷🏾