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Not remotely weird.


Its not weird at all.


If we starting evolving, do you think humans would recognize it as evolution? Or would they just think its some genetic disease or something along those lines? Would they only recognize it if it happened to multiple people across continents?


it’s only downhill from here


The way things are going it seems like the movie Idiocracy was a prophecy.


Unless you want to get into the topic of Trans-humanism.
People using science (both emerging and hypothetical) to engineer their own evolution, and the ethical issues that comes with it.


I dont know about trans humanism. But i qasnt thinking in terms of forced evolution but like normal natural ones.

Like im listening to this podcast and they explained only 3% of birds have a penis. Every othrr kind has this weird opening both male and female. But science says at some point alot of them had a penis and just lost it for evolutionary reasons.

Like i hear something like that and if that just happened to humans they would lose their gawd damn minds


And on the male member of the species, that opening will turn inside out to make a “Penis” .

In the last 10 thousand years the human race did evolve, Humans of 8000 BC are a different sub species than modern day humans. Modern humans are taller, with smaller jaws and smaller skulls than archaic humans. Oh and we live longer. 8000 BC you are considered old at 35 and elderly at 50. Make it to like 75 and you are Methuselah. We are directing our own evolution, regardless if we want to or not.


But that doesnt answer my question. Do you think we would recognize our own evolution. Say nature decided we dont need big toes. Are we gonna freak out and think we caught a disease?


Its happening now.
Ever had your wisdom teeth pulled or know someone who has to get their wisdom teeth pulled?

Its because our jaws gotten smaller as we are not as vigorous chewers on tough fibrous foods as our ancient ancestors.
Our appendix was not always a vestigial organ, it used to allow us to digest food easier (especially raw food). The Appendix safe house for good bacteria, which can be used to effectively reboot the gut following a case of dysentery or cholera. Now all it does is gets inflamed and we have to get it removed

If we ever get to the point where we dont need our big toe, people will treat the existence of the big toe as something to get removed.


When you order a combo at a burger joint, do you eat all the fries first , then the burger or the opposite or alternate between the two?


Alternate between the two


The dentist wanted to pull my wisdom teeth. I refused, shit never hurt me or anything. I’m now 33 years old. I suspect they also do it for free money.


How would you define what is evolution or not?


MLG is not evolution, see 2005 for an example.


I always eat the fries first…and yeah I’m one of those people that eats a meal 1 “section” at a time. (food item #1 is completely finished before I start food item #2, etc.) Basically, I prioritize by which thing isn’t so good anymore when it gets cold if we’re talking about hot foods. Fries get to be lame/terrible when they are cold, so they take priority. A burger is still ok if it’s lukewarm, imo…so no big loss there, therefore fries are always first.

Evolution—I doubt we would notice since evolution is normally an extremely slow process… like if the “pinky toe” was no longer necessary, I assume it might just get smaller and smaller over several generations of people…until one day 100s or 1000s of years later, it’s a nub with no toenail, then it’s just not showing up in newborns anymore… then the older generations and the history books would speak about a time when a baby having “all 10 fingers and toes” was a sign that things were generally ok.

Interesting thing I was thinking about the other day—when/if humans master space travel and start populating another planet— due to the difference in gravity, humans will start looking different pretty damn fast if there’s less gravity having affect on various aspects of our physiology. Just for starters, “non-Earth” native-born humans in less gravity would probably grow to be taller on average, and might be generally weaker than regular Earth-born humans. It’s a fascinating thing to think about, imo.


For some people the tooth can stay their, for others its if they get infected or impact other teeth


There is a sci fi TV show with that as one of it’s premises


you guys wanna see how creepy irises look like from super close up? click on the pic to see full size. its gonna creep you out. it looks like the iris is made of little hairs or sometimes like coral reef



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