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Its exposed muscle fiber covered by only your cornea and the coloration is to protect the muscles from UV rays


it’s that Mangekyo Sharingan… part of our evolutionary development, of course.

Oh in other news:
Interesting… the store they where they were caught…that’s the preferred Walmart I usually go, actually (unlike certain other Walmart stores; that one actually has stuff. That’s some annoying shit when a store just never has anything; there’s 1 Walmart in particular I’m thinking of with that problem; it’s like an ongoing practical joke, man… no matter what it is you want…they DON’T have that shit. The West-Nashville one almost never has that problem.)

I’d be ok with them all being charged as adults. Kids who do the most serious crimes should face the full, adult consequences of those actions.
Damn—imagine how much worse a possible life sentence is when you’re only about 15 or 16 years old :laughing: Yeah, if convicted of murder I’d be in favor of them being in there for life… no possibility of parole.


Fun fact, some of the same kind of cells that makes up your irises, also make up your anus muscles


Fries first. They cool quickly so eat’em while they’re hot. Burger will still be warm


All those outraged people look the same and want the world to cater to their specific niche and get offended when it doesn’t happen

I.e. tnose white progressive feminists all shitting on marie kondo using classism, xenophobic, and racial slurs just because she cleans up

Those non-binary stu types. Where you cannot tell what they do. There is so much to unravel there. But we are forced to accept their world view.

They are just as bad as christians who force others to listen to them.

Pink hair. Shorts with boots. And a septem piercing. Look dude i get you do testosterone shots. Still does not make you a man.

I feel like the sjw really push that trans agenda to an odd degree where it become see it is normal. That we have to encourage transitioning.

There are trans people who do not do hormones or the surgeries.

Going to the lengths of genital mutilation and hormone therapy just seems too far gone.

I mean looking the way you want is fine. Okay plastic surgery. Whatever do you.

I have trans aunts

I have friends who the wife had hormones change and she felt she needed a switch. Got the test injections. Then when full headed to staying a woman.

Hormones are fucked. Brains work different. I just think literal castration is a bridge too far.

How we got to the point where people have become eunochs is fucking odd

But really sexually is a whole other thing


1st week of training at Delta was some BS. Long story short. Higher ups took on lots of contracts. But had a much harder time finding experienced mechanics than expected because main source for contract mechanics went under. Launch at the last minute steps in to pick up the work, thus my opportunity to get into Delta.

But due to everything being last minute and rushed. Information got screwed up to where people’s info wasn’t uploaded to the system yet. People weren’t properly registered for class, others were sent here in Atlanta when they suppose to be in Minnesota, LA, NYC, etc. Resulting in people including me being sent home until they got their shit together.

Needless to say some guys were fucking pissed and rightfully so. But Delta at least offered them flights to their proper work site. So that was cool. But things went accordingly this week and I got training done. Should be on the hangar floor this Monday


Shabu Shabu has usurped kbbq in my ayce tier.

Brazilian BBQ
Shabu Shabu

Soup plantation
Chinese buffet


Fuck those kids. You know that dude they killed didn’t have shit and that car was probably his only way to get to work/band practice and they killed him cuz he wouldn’t hand it over. Nothing worse than people who steal from people who don’t have anything and can’t really do anything about it if they get their shit jacked.


So Republicans are the worst?



:joy: Well played, well played


I also see some comments from people saying to put the parents of those lowlifes on trial too… and that’s one thing I tend to disagree with. It seems a lot of people have this idea that whenever there’s kids doing shitty, evil things… it is 100% the parents’ fault. I don’t think that’s the case all the time… this is getting to something I don’t think most people want to admit— that some people in their childhood are just naturally bad, evil people…and this can be despite the best efforts of good or even halfway decent parent(s). Sociopaths aren’t just suddenly that way once they hit adulthood… usually they were shitty even when they were in grade-school. Like any other kid, some parental figures taught them right from wrong, so they know that shit…and by definition of what they are…they simply DON’T CARE.

I think we’ve all seen examples of this (usually in the form of your average grade-school bully) first-hand but some of us apparently forget it. (perhaps on purpose…maybe because this realization paints a picture of the human condition that is too dark and depressing for most people to accept; at least that’s my assumption).


And sociopathic tendencies are genetic.

So I can see where we might want to have a good hard look at the 'rents, too.


True. They went back and found that not only was Stephen Paddock, the las Vegas shooter a sociopath, but his father was also apparently somewhat infamous for being such as well. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

These kids probably don’t have a lot of parental supervision in the first place, if they did, they might not have done this. There’s a part of me that feels a bit bad for them because chances are, they’ll never amount to anything except prison fodder, but that’s kind of a sad realization to make about a kid who’s 13.

Stuff like this is why I’m pro choice and wish people would be more realistic about the responsibility of raising a kid, and if they know they’re not up for it, to do the needful, tough a choice as that must be.


They should put their child up for adoption instead. Many people out there that wish to have a child but for a lot of reasons cant. Im still on the fence with pro choice because there are many other options you could take that people dont seem to think of or are informed about.


I used to think that too until I met some kids who were in the system. Tbh that can be as bad as just having inattentive parents. I legit feel bad for the kids and place the blame on parents not being responsible enough to use birth control knowing they can’t/don’t want to take care of a child. The kid didn’t ask to be born.


Naw naw i dont mean put them in an adoption home. I mean go through the process during your 9 months of “shit im pregnant” or whatever, and im not saying its easy but not everything is. My mother did this with my youngest sister. I dont remember alp the steps i was like 13 at the time but we met my sisters adoptive parents when my mother was like 3 months pregnant. We interviewed a number of couples, or should i say my mom did i sat there, but still puting them in the system isnt the only adoption option there is.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know that was a thing. But yeah that seems like a much better option than the system.


Was just looking at old images saved on my computer. This one’s dated from 2012. Maybe more true than ever.


So what DID happen to calzones?


Still around as far as I know.

Never had a reason to buy them though. :thinking: