The Lounge 10k Post Edition


That’s my biggest fear with a kid - bringing up a sociopath. I know some say it’s genetic, but you could get a shit roll of the dice and end up with a psycho just because the wind is blowing.

Back on topic: as for calzones, I like them. Don’t know why they’re cheaper than a small pizza on average though. Seems like you’d be using just as much cheese, dough, and toppings either way, but the calzone is on average 3 bucks cheaper in every spot I’ve been to.


Calzpnes are to pizza what burritos are to Mexican food. It’s the same thing in a different configuration. Delicious tho!

I think if you can recognize sociopath behavior then it means you aren’t one. It’s always the craziest motherfuckers who think THEY’RE ok and everyone else is messed up.


I like calzones, but without the ricotta that’s traditionally included in them. I like them with mozzarella, some meat and veggies, with marijuanara sauce on the side instead of inside. I think that’s standard anyway- strombolis have the sauce baked in.


Lmfao at a grocery store my friend was in


Calzones are there just to make you aware that 99% of pizza places in 'Murika are too shite to include actual pie deep dish pizza.


Some folks are getting the 2-pack of SIEGE Laserbeak and Ravage early.

Laserbeak fits inside G1 Soundwave’s chest cavity loosely.


Deep dish is shit


Deep dish is good, but NY style is way better.


I dont call that stuff from Chicago as pizza.
NY mastered the Art of the Pizza.


I mean, I’d much rather not have to use a fucking fork to eat pizza, but Chicago style is definitely delicious. It’s more like a pizza casserole though.


Chicago pizza >>>>>>> NY pizza.

Even the thin crust.


Both are pretty over rated, NY more so tho.


Dinner, homemade dough, homemade sauce, spicy salami, portabella mushrooms, provalone and parmesan cheeses. Not shown- accompanying $50 bottle of red wine.


Homemade always wins big props, especially if its from scratch.


Isn’t that the kid from Boku no Pico?



9 years later after the last time MvC2 was at Evo, MvC2 dudes still calling fools out for:

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Props to you if that tastes as good as it looks. I’ve tried to make pizza at home, but it’s just never as good as a restaurant no matter what I do. I’ve given up and just resigned to get it from a place I like or a chain.

Off that topic, has anyone been getting hit with this “surprise tax bill” I’ve been hearing about when they got their taxes done? I already suspect I’ll end up paying property tax bills for my mom and aunt’s house, and the prospect of getting hit with even MORE tax stuff after that might have me just punching someone out in the street.


Is it an american thing to have crusts thick as hell in your pizzas?


I guess. I like thick crust like that, but there are plenty of thin-crust options too. Is that not the standard where you are?


Not really sure WHAT style thick crust is.

Chi pan is in a deep dish, but it isn’t really THAT thick.

Those inch plus thick crust pizzas are extremely hit or miss.

Good ones are excellent.

But I haven’t had a good one in years.

Double Dough is my jam, though.

That’s thin x 2… not exactly a middle, but close, yet better.