The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Thin crust is the usual in whatever place that shit comes from and its usually eaten with a fork or rolled up like a burrito and eaten. I don’t cur if its thick crust or thin crust or deep dish, if its good ima eat it.


4-6 murders/shootings in the last few hours. Mobile, Alabama is outta fuckin control. Shit was not this bad when I was growing up here🤦🏾


y’know, whoever invented the concept of pizza and calzone… that person should be continually celebrated for the rest of time for their outstanding contribution to the world. It’s the absolute #1, imo.


Dont be scurry. 4-6 murders is something that happens weekly around these parts. Shootings happen daily/nightly.


Im talkin bout 4-5 in the span of 6 hours. I think we had like 7 murders this year so far prior.

Shit been messed up since Hurricane Katrina, around the time they decided it was a “good” idea to shut down the projects & move rival hoods together


In Baltimore, we call that a slow Tuesday


Making me nostalgic for


cheh, I’ve been trying to watch Boruto since it has been on Cartoon Network but damn it’s so uneventful…no kind of stand-out narrative hook to make me give a shit about anything that’s going on.

sheeeeit the real main event [My Hero Academia] is on now anyway, fortunately.


Netflix, Marvel and Wizard’s Rib present…

The Punisher


Drizzzt as Frank Castillo
Daboog as Billy Russo aka Jigsaw
B tier Bison as John Pilgrim

Neesa as Special Agent Dinah Madani
Daboogs wife as Dr. Krista Dumont
Yuna as Amy
Dangerous J as Curtis Hoyle


What hypocrite…

Ocasio-Cortez attacks ICE after illegal MS-13 gangster allegedly murdered someone in her district

It’s only illegal if it’s in your district, huh…


U from B-More? I only know about it from TV & what I’ve heard. Ill take your word on that lol


i found this thread

and im so mad i cant see these hilarious ebay pics dammit!

i found a few in google images.
i always found him to be the weirdest guy, i swear.

while looking for these pics i came across.

someone on imgur stating it was proof paris hilton doesnt change facial expressions or head poses.
shit she is as plastic as a vapid cunt can come.


btw Google+ is dead. like completely killed off by google. even google+ communities got nuked. this is its last month.


Known the show The Wire? Its more realistic than the city of Baltimore wants to admit.


What was Google+, why is it dying, and what will be lost when it is gone?


Thats how im familiar with the city, from that show. That shit terrifying, dudes that think they hard down here wouldnt last a week in B More


Rodney was a classic…


These niggas in in the hood hosting a ball event at the most hole in the wall club in the city. If that ain’t the most ghetto-ist shit​:joy::joy:


Okay when you guys take a shit, what do you do to clean up? I wipe with toilet paper and then wash with soap. Apparently no one does this shit lol.