The Lounge 10k Post Edition


I eat enough fiber that I am regular as Swiss clockwork.

I eat breakfast, take coffee, shit, shower, then get on with my day.

Not fully washing after taking a shit is pretty damned skank.


I usually shit before I shower.


Lets see who the real cats are: Who here eats breakfast first and then brushes their teeth?

Given the previous conversations, I’m already suspecting some y’all are the type to drink orange juice after brushing your teeth.


i need my ass to stink. how else my dog gonna know who i am if it didnt?


In the absence of actual wet-wipes, I typically wet the toilet paper and have some soap on there, and actually do a real “wash-up” there.

One of the best places aside from home to shit though… is at work, at least after hours when most people in the building are gone…usually there’s just the cleaning staff left so I don’t have to worry about people coming in there when I’m in the middle of a shit-session. (side-bonus-- waiting a while to go home also avoids the absolutely stupid afternoon rush-hour traffic.)


I eat breakfast first.
Taste of coffee after brushing is just awful


only good thing about was this.
lets say you get a girl’s number from a date site, once you added her to your contacts google+ would link all her social media to your social media. so you can see wtf she was up to nice and stalky. just how i like it.


I eat first then brush my teeth.


Believe it or not but I’ve never EVER taken a shit in public.



What are these lies?


I swear on my life. Hotel rooms don’t count though.


Most unbelievable nonsense posted on SRK.

Next lounged named after it.


Why would I even lie? lol


damn…not even a critical “Code Brown” situation? I figure most people have experienced that at least once or twice in life… all of a sudden SHIT is critical, and it’s about to happen in the next minute or so, and one has to find a bathroom asap. haha I remember like it was yesterday… it hit me while I was at a FedEx/Kinko’s store printing something.

*so frustrating that the Mii customization is so lacking… I tried making a Dr. Robotnik and Obama earlier and the result is just lame…they don’t even have a mustache that looks like Robotnik’s mustache at all, really…and the Miis don’t even have ears.:-1:


Not for most of us in Aviation. Bathrooms at smaller MROs and general aviation facilities are independently owned gas station tier. Unless you are white collared worker and get to work in the nice office building with nice regularly cleaned bathrooms


You guys eat breakfast?


How do you not start your day with something to eat???


Coffee. I legit wake up with no appetite.

I do usually take lunch at 11. Though I will down a donut or pastry if there’s something on hand.


I HAVE to eat breakfast otherwise I wont function well.


Re: Morning routine

Wake up
Think about the day
Use bathroom
Brush teeth while showering
Get Dressed
Out the door

I typically don’t eat anything until 11:30 on a slow day or 4pm on a busy day.


yeah even if it’s just cereal, I need something for breakfast… the appetite is especially monstrous in the morning.

…my usual is either some toasted sandwich or pancakes, btw… perhaps with Jimmy Dean pork-link sausages. Or sometimes it’s oatmeal with blue agave nectar… with bananas. I also wake up quite early anyway, so I always have all this extra time to make something.