The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Wake up extra early to cook myself and the wife breakfast. Also gives me time to myself.

Morning routine is the best routine.


We’re up at 4:30 to get the kids out the door by 6:15.


Should’ve had less twins. Dont known what to tell you famalam.

Listen to some Ayn Rand video. I swear to got this broad is a meme that got out of hand.


Lol, I read most of her books in highschool. She’s almost endlessly entertaining, just not in the way she intended to be.


I’ve only read one of them. Miss me with that Rand shit if you think I’m reading bullshit ass Atlas Shrugged.

Might watched the movies on Netflix. But The Last Jedi is probably better.


My routine:

Snooze alarm for an hour
Check SRK
Check to see if Trump has been impeached yet
Shower, brush teeth, etc.
Get dressed
Out the door
Grab burrito on way to work


Never a morning person and my work schedule has me doing late midday shifts. I guess eating at 12 counts as breakfast.

Who brushes teeth in shower? I do. Its efficient


The world is truly an interesting place.
I’ve never heard of brushing while bathing.

Then again, I assumed everyone took at least one dump per day yet this chick from my psychiatry rotation said she only poops every 2 days.


You’re supposed to shit then shower in the morning or at night. I usually brush my teeth then ill eat breakfast an hour or two later. Unless I’m at home, I’ll use baby wipes after wiping my ass qith toilet paper.

Here’s a real question…how many washcloths y’all use?


She didn’t do the “women don’t poop” eh?


I typically will throw a Kind Bar or trail mix in my bag at the end of the day for the following day.

I tried waking up early to get more things done but it doesn’t work for me because I go to sleep late. At this point in my life I’m getting 4 to 5 hours of sleep every night and I set my alarm to wake me up roughly during stage 1 of my sleep cycle. Waking up during the latter end of stage 2 or Rem makes me groggy.


Leave it to you to find the one possible exception to the rule.


I brush at the sink.

The shower is for shaving that gatdam chickenwire off of my neck and face.


I’ll take this as a ringing endorsement of Ayn Rand’s memery and that I should watch the movies.

Just know that I’ll have to take time away from season 2 of The Wire to watch some high level capitalist wet dreamin’. So I hope you feel bad. :joy: :japanese_goblin:


Get some gummies from chad, to soften the heavy-handed fixer blows to your head.

I would have said mind, but, y’know… ain’t no intellectual substance in Rand, unless Balefire, paradoxically enough.


Man, I wake up and take a piss. Then I make my coffee and smoke a cigarette while its makin’. Once its finished I drink it and smoke more cigarettes or a cigar. Breakfast.

Oh, and my shits happen at different hours of the day. I will only shit at home. I will not shit anywhere else. And yeah, I just use toilet paper. I aint one of you weirdos that thinks they gotta wipe off a layer of skin with bleach wipes or soap my ass up to get it clean. Just means you guys never learned to wipe properly.

Edit - Next thing one of you turds is gonna say is something like “I shower after every fart” or something like that. Turkeys.


Yeah I ain’t walking with a stinky asshole all day


It stinks no matter what you do, you fart and shit out the mofo. Its gonna stank. As long as you wipe properly, no shit smear or dingleberrys left behind, then you wont smell anything and no one else will. And your underwear (or pants/shorts if going commando is your thing) will stay clean.


All wiping does is get the majority off.

If you don’t wash, there is still residual poo there.

That’s just a flat fact.

Well, maybe not just a flat fact.

…a gross fact too.

Alao a flat fact:

Farts don’t stink nearly as bad, much less of shit, if you wash.


Ever time you fucking fart fecal matter is discharged.


Not really.

Clean yo’ colon, son.

A better diet, and a loufah would go a long way for you, methinks.