The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Yeah, diet absolutely makes a difference in how your farts smell. But no amount of washing is going to change that. Seriously, man? You’re claiming your farts don’t stink because you wash your ass? Lmao :joy:






And to think, most of these turds do what they say they doing because they’re worried what others will think. They say they do this shit but unless you like…douching your asshole every time you fart and shit then you got a stinky asshole. Go on, go stick your finger in it and rub around it and stuff then take a big whiff. Right?!



Hunchback of Nortre Dame has always been my favorite disney movie. But going back as an adult to see the Priest trying to Weinstein Esmeralda had me thinking that a movie like that will never be made again thats directed at children.


Bruh I don’t have people smell my ass every hour. I couldn’t give a shit what people think. But I rather not walk and smell myself of have an irritated ass. Why are you complaining about niggas cleaning their ass with soap or wet wipes? You’re acting like we’re wearing MAGA hats.


There is a difference between me complaining and me just sayin’ y’all is some weirdos.

Also, if you getting an irritated ass from only using toilet paper its because you aint learn how to wipe properly. You also wouldn’t smell yourself if you wiped properly with regular toilet paper.


asshole douching sounds like a million dollar idea. douches for rectums. im telling you that theres a market for that.

my aunt had a bidet but i never used it. she cared about her asshole. i dont.


I got a bidet when i bought the house i live in

Still buy toilet paper to dry off.

Join the bidet master race



Would you hit?

Michelle Khare (Indian/White)


Yes i would



If I were single, and she offered?


I’ll never understand your obsession with ST Akuma.


Why women always wanna argue & debate EVERYTHING? They just HAVE to get their point across. Then when you don’t share their opinion, they automatically get defensive AF🤦🏾


Dismiss them.

They ain’t worth the emotional content you’re investing.

If they are, why bitch about it?


I aint investing, i generally say “Ok” then go on about my day. Just find it mildly annoying. I used to get caught up in that years ago tho. I learned not to


It’s been Idiocary for a while now, Drizz.


Do we like Halsey here?
Cause I WOOD.