The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Gotta be creative. We got peeps making butterflies for faces, question marks for faces, and this little number:

If you can make Jar Jar Binks as a Mii, I’m sure you can finagle a Robotnik somehow.


Democrat infighting season is starting to pick up, makes me miss the politics thread.

The new ‘is-it-antisemitism?’ stuff is particularly crunchy.


We should have a new one. Most Trump supporters went back to 4chan, T_D and incel related sites.




Indeed. So much better to have an echo chamber, after all.


The problem is that the thread pretty much needs a dedicated mod, and Preppy is out of that game now.


Pretty sure Pertho was doing fine before Preppy decided to butt in and become Gestapo. :man_shrugging:


The only problem is people looking for serious political discussion in the election where Donald Trump was a strong candidate. Instead of treating it for what it was made for, a trainwreck containment thread so shit didn’t spill over to other places, people wanted it to be serious.

Asking for it to be anything other than 24/7 trolling required some serious lack of self awareness.


Serious is one thing, but people weren’t just taking it seriously, they were taking it PERSONALLY.

Which is honestly a lot of the problem with political discourse today, tbh.


Nah, not everybody is prepared for the abject stupidity you guys deliver.

They should be ready for it, but for some reason they aren’t.


Cheesy Jokes

What does Optimus Prime refer to as Neesa’s bra?

09 seconds


As opposed to every other thread in GD?
I guess American politics is a touchy subject. Country is pretty fucking divided.




hell the fuck YEAH… Indian women in general are some of that top rank, imo… and genetic mix of them + pretty much any other racial category also produces insanely hot results. I’d jump at the chance to ravage that.

This reminds me that sadly the cute Indian at work left us recently…I’ll miss seeing that gorgeous ass. She had hair down to the booty-cheek level too! :open_mouth:

*oh it just keeps getting better… she has some nice legs and a cute booty…
the “sari” look REALLY works for me too…that shit is hot as hell…it’s like borderline fetish-level for me.


How would you rate Hawaiian or Pacific islander chicks?


That’s the problem though. People weren’t willing to treat it like any other dumbshit thread in GD. You went in there to flame, get flame, troll, get trolled and have a laugh at the ridiculous political carnage. Inbetween were some good points being made on both sides; but that part of it required that you filtered out the crazies.

It should’ve been left at that. Instead people kept going over my head and crying over dumb shit; congrats, now shit sucks.

So good times. Election thread 2020 is gonna happen, so y’a’ll better get your flame throwers ready because nobody is saving you.







The masking job around Will’s face has no blending whatsoever and looks very amateurish.