The Lounge 10k Post Edition


That does not work here as there is contrast between a simulation and what is being simulated. Awareness of that contrast is an entirely different matter. Movies like 1999’s ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ explore that idea to a great extent.

Honestly, the idea of a world within a world is much more interesting (like Rick’s car battery).



haha Memphis’ well-deserved shit-ass reputation:

Yes I never miss an opportunity to laugh at my old “M-town”. Fuck that place. It’s good to see that so many people are making the wise decision to make their daring escape and never look back.


Are these 20-somethings and younger stupid?

Wait, don’t answer that…


The real king of the jungle and animal kingdom!!! You don’t fuck with elephants because they will fuck you more. Throwing cars like rag dolls!!!



My girl Blake in her new movie.
Save me lord for the debauchery I am about to perform.


I’m sorry I have to use emulation to get my fighting game fix. I live in the country and can’t find anyone on any game outside the latest ones. Hence why I am stuck playing against the computer.


It’s disgusting how some women find it fair that a man has to dole out 100k a month for alimony because feelings

I can’t say I’m a fan of Jesse Williams but I find this lard-filled wildebeest justifying him paying 1.2 million in alimony plus child support per year to be annoying to no end. “I’m fat and angry at the world, so every man must suffer!” The level of entitlement is just delusional.


It’s even worse because when the roles are flipped, public opinion leans towards the woman not paying the man any money.


haha, hopefully Jesse has learned his lesson. The strange thing is that most guys seemingly don’t learn from this shit…some even make the mistake of getting married again later! It is such a hilarious level of stupidity, man…like that kid that keeps touching the stove despite the fact that it burns his hand every time. At a certain point you just conclude that child is simply a moron.



Damb og srk still sucks ass


When’s the next migration?!

AP why they keep kicking you out of discord?


AP is a cuck.


Now now, he’s just a boy in love. I mean, look at his av, putting my face in such adoring sparkles… the dude has strong feelings for me that will be, tragically, forever unrequited. Sorry AP, I just don’t swing that way.



Only 128 members in shoryuken2?


Needs a better name.

After this site took a dive into being shite (in format), dubbing an aspiring successor “2”, is doubling down on the deuce aspect.

Which is probably why Million is in the running for most posts there. :coffee:


On topic, per emoji… think we’ll get “the coffee scene” in It: Part Two?


Something, something, [insert less famous part of epic Dracula speech here], something something, crusades, crucades, arcades, minarets, minotaurs, Mini Coopers, and Midichalorians.