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American news of the day.


Pretty standard American Wednesday.


Not originally.

You may have had that idea, for whichever continuation thread you started up, after becoming a demi-mod, but there was a politics thread before that, and it did at try to maintain some semblance of sane, correct behavior, and factual efficacy.

Politics threads have always been somewhat bad to horrible on SRK, but the idea that the threads were originally there to provide the closet MAGA chumps a Safe Space to rant willful ignorance, is just plain wrong, factually speaking.

Ergo retcon.

Stop trying to make Unicron an instrument of revenge - even if you’ve made a helluvah covert vehicle out of it.


I wanna be mad but also… Respect


That school sounds like a fucked up place.

Given the rest of the story, his response is almost on the same page.


No one forces me into white guilt here. No one can make me feel bad for shit I have fuck all to do with.


Imagine being a part of this family.


Cuz Daboog was talking about dogs right?


To your credit though, how long would anybody have been able to keep control of a thread like that? hamster damn was a really great descriptive for it because that’s what it was. A thread like that is pretty much built to spill from the get-go. I can’t think of a single forum I’ve ever been on that had a politics thread and it hasn’t turned into a shit show.


Considering I spent time mulling over how much of a disaster it could end up being, I assure you the whole point was for people to wild it in one place instead of all over GD.

I warned people several times about it and told them to leave it alone. I’m 100% sure what the point of that thread was. It had jack all to do with it being productive.

So yes. I made that thread for people to be dumb as hell regardless of political affiliation. Hell a good chunk of the people who voted for Trump in that thread werent MAGApedes either.




Explain Preppy’s stance, then.

Was it active reverse-trolling?

Or was it hearkening back to, oh, a thread ago, when such threads were actually a semblance of an attempt at rational discourse?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Not the MAGA chumps who’ll assume inquiring minds should always be capitalized, mind.


That’s the history of EVERY race. Shoutouts to Pol Pot and Mao who are obviously misunderstood. Dumbass.

If a white person went into an Asian country and said the shit you’re saying they’d get dragged.


Which stance?


That’s really not up for debate, is it?

I mean, I do realize that a certain subsection of “Liberals” try to cram that revisionist shit down our throats, like the whole wide colourful world was just sitting around a campfire, smoking their local herb, and singing their own ethnic Kumbaya, but nobody with even half a smattering of sense, and at least a year of post-secondary education ought be handling that non-factual construct as anything other than highly volatile toxic waste.


Europe but really just the U.K. except when it is convenient, which depends on the spin, so the English, as were.

Blame China for the alleged Great White Hegemony.

They invented gunpowder, after all.


Pick one.


People are people. We live in a western country so obviously Western events are the focal point of a lot of our history, but there are examples of black, white, Latino, Asian, and any other race you can think of people doing shitty things in the name of preserving their power, it’s just we don’t live in those parts of the world so we don’t hear about those. If this country were run by non-whites, those non-whites would be doing the exact same things the white folks did and are doing because they could and because people are people.


Lol. So the nurses station paged me today while I was in my room. The nurse asked if I was a vegetarian. I replied “no. Not even remotely. Why?” The nurse was like “oh. Your diet says for the kitchen to give you double protein whenever your order meats or chicken. But you never order meat or chicken. So we were just curious” I laughed and replied “oh, that’s an easy explanation. Cause it always sucks. It’s either dry, bland, underseasoned or over cooked. So I just stop ordering and always go with the black bean burger or the veggie burger” the nurse just replied “oh. Yeah. Sorry. It’s not the best. Ok. That’s all we needed! Thanks!”

Made me laugh.


A world without Whites would be a Shangri-La/Wakanda hybrid, don’t ya know?