The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Why the fuck do you keep on arguing with Pertho about the stupidest thing? Fuckin’ drop that shit, yo. Both y’all is get annoying as fuck up in this bitch.


Because I am right, and principles dictate this correct course of action. :coffee:


its possible


Gump had emotional intelligence, though.


Its already been explained to you multiple times that you aren’t. Done so by multiple people.

so w/e move on from it. You wanna be retarded about a thread made so people didn’t shit things up, feel free to do so outside of the the thread for the time being.



Edit tools are working again. Thanks bro. :+1:


Sure thing.

…when did you become dissociative, precisely, and which of these multiple incorrect people am I currently addressing?

Moving on…


Transformers Greatest Moments:

G1 Transformers S2: Microbots

With Megatron in possession of the “Heart of Cybertron”, the Decepticons celebrate by getting drunk on energon.


Appreciate the concern dude. Much better now. Took the day off to continue treating my eyes with the cleaner the doc gave me. I’m heading back into work tomorrow. Got a follow up with the doc Friday but I should be good now.


I wiki’ed it too. That’s some powerful and scary shit bro. Glad you’re recovering from it though and had the wherewithal to take the day off to continue treating your eyes. They’re kinda important, you know?


That was a quote from stu not me just if anybody was wondering

I got to work on things. But i have decolonized my mindset.

But man do i hate it when people shit on their own people unjustifiably

Do i hate whites? Nope

Do i hate blacks or latinos or indians or anybody for being born no

In the race war white people won

It is just nice to see them dropped and humbled

If you cannot see the inherit benefit of whiteness you live in a homogenized community and class is the issue


I went back and did some reading of the Secret Santa topic from last year. I think if I hadn’t been directed here by @Darksakul, I’d still be posting about once every three to six months, almost exclusively in the TT subforum. You guys got me set on the right path, to a point where I have a bookmark link for the forums now.

Cheers guys, only 8ish months to go until Secret Santa 2019 opens up.


Bro winter didn’t even end yet give me a break.


reg: giving a break … I hereby offer the following video as a “break”:


btw she’s still very fuckable!


we just got word from higher-ups at the agency I work for that they’re implementing parking passes not only for our building, but the other building next door that handles a lot of differing stuff. Of course, they had to do this shit after I just dropped 5 large on our other car’s down payment last month.



If you dug Baby Metal, you might like Band Maid (if you haven’t checked them out yet, that is)


4 hours til i get my 7 days off. I’m fading fast, barely keeping my eyes open at work


I love Band-Maid. I own their entire discography on iTunes. Same with Bridear and several other all women j-rock groups. For like a solid 6-8 months that was all I would try to find on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music so I could listen to them.

Pure bliss to my noise holes and brain.

You said you work on a tug boat right? Or some kind of ship? Maybe a shipping yard? I know we’ve talked about it several times when discussing our jobs, upcoming vacations etc. I just for the life of me can’t remember which I feel bad about.


Correct, u remembered right