The Lounge 10k Post Edition


They’re not going to take kindly to the “black and tan” part in Ireland either, by the way.


Cool. :sunglasses: enjoy your week off, homie.


fuck, I give up trying to get caught up on all that…

It always disappoints me when no one gets the damn “R.E.G.I.S., Mark V” references I’m inclined to fire off…it’s like NO one I know personally has seen the greatness of that particular episode or Megas XLR in general…it’s a travesty that so many missed out on that :frowning: (and the dumbasses behind it never put it on DVD, and I doubt it’s ever been released officially on blu-ray either.) I still know just about all the quotes, man…
“THE REGIS MARK V IS INVINCIBLE. NO WEAPON FORGED BY SUCH A PRIMITIVE SPECIES CAN DEFEAT REGIS…WHICH IS INVINCIBLE.” (it helps that I can perfectly mimic Michael Dorn’s voice) You never forget a character that awesome, man.


Aww hell naw!



What the actual fuck. Some dude just knocked on my door, I told him to come in.

He asks me how I’m doing this morning and if I’m ready for breakfast.

I reply I’m good and sure, I’m ready.

He was like oh well I don’t have it but itlll he here shortly.




He wanted sum fuck?


I need context on this one LOL



lock your front door. this aintz canada.


Now someone is literally playing harmonica right outside my door. And my door is wide open. I can’t close it because my nurse is right outside my door getting my meds together. It’s super obnoxious and giving me a headache.


Go say something.


Lmfao a fuckin harmonica?


Thankfully shortly after I posted that my nurse gave me my meds and then left. Closing my door behind her.

Yes. A fucking harmonica. He’s still playing but further down the hall so I can barely hear it, thankfully.

My breakfast was really small (blue berry muffin, one of those mini-containers of cereal and some grapes) so I’m trying to figure out what omelette I want delivered to me from ihop. It’s a tough decision.


I thought the GD thread was about booty eating baby armor Ben Stein assists daily double Million posts? If not color me shocked :open_mouth:


maybe the guy wants a duel with you. every time bronson was about to duel he’d play his harmonica.
was he playing this song? if so, load your gun.


Wtf “race war” are you talking about? And yeah, sure, it’s definitely a benefit to be white in a WESTERN country, but but what about the majority of the world that isn’t western? I’ve always wanted to visit Iran, but being white there is a disadvantage, so that’ll probably never happen.

Stop thinking so locally and realize that it’s a big world out there and that the shit that holds true in your backyard doesn’t mean shit in most of the rest of the world.


Asian broads love white men too. Works in the Orient which is why dab00g is mad!



US media makes it easy to forget the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily have the same set of problems.


Ha ha ha!

dab00g keeps on focusing on things that gets him mad. He needs to let that shit go or he will keep on staying mad. Holding on to any type of negative emotion will keep you in suffering.


Daboog in hell: A million 4k hd monitors showing all white men fucking Asian girls in real-time with Dolby 7.1 sound

Dangerous J in hell: Salma Hayek,Monica Bellucci,Halle etc taking Transformers and attacking them with chainsaws,pooping on them,and throwing them into pits of Hellfire.