The Lounge 10k Post Edition


Bro wtf kind of weird fetishistic fantasies are you dropping in the lounge?


We must be in a fucking weird timeline because btier is dropping truth bombs.


Btier been giving you his truth the whole time.

Y’all just dont want to understand.


We aren’t gods and omnipresent like btier. We aren’t worthy of his gospel. We can’t understand his voice. It’s too powerful.


Daboog is a first year dropout of the Po Pimpus School for Haters.

He didn’t even get to the part where Po dropped the truth bomb that “You can only hate that which you love/once loved.”

Things that make you go “Hmmmm.” :thinking:


I have let go of negatives and focused on positives

I watch pov like atkgirlfriends and jeshbyjesh which i enjoy

Pov porn us the best

I also have too much positive vibes to get shook

I think i saw btier fighting the santa ana wind in his drive way.


There should be an erotic thriller where Tekno Virus dresses as Liu Kang and ties Daboog aka Bo Rai Cho to a chair and forces him to watch his wife get fucked while Tekno yells turkey gibberish each time he skeets.

And it ends with Btier doing Kung Laos vertical hat slice from MK2 on Daboog and his wife!

Epilogue: Razor walk in and asks" Is this where the gay gangbang takes place?


I dunno if my face screams tell me your fave subtly racist comment but people do.

So I have a new Chinese kid in my martial arts afternoon class. It’s a class made up of about 4-6 year Olds and it’s a new semester. So I have a new student who doesn’t speak English very well which is fine… Their fuckin 4… None of them do. So one of the teachers is telling me about him and goes “James is new to your class. You just have to watch out because he might overheat. His parents gave him a big overcoat and he forgets to take it off nearly overheated yesterday. I dunno what it is about these Chinese people and sending their kids here overdressed and overheated”

I dunno… But that’s Def a wtf comment. But why the fuck would you think it’s OK to say sumtin like that to someone you barely interact with.


Because if it is towards asians it isn’t racist is how it goes


I love stereotypes, don’t @ me.


That doesn’y necessarily scream racism to me. It sounds more like an observation.


Because not every unexplained cultural observation is racist. For example, my pre-cal teacher in HS had a similarly weird anecdote involving his wife and the wind. He married a mexican girl. For some reason here in El Paso you got families protecring their 1 year olds from the wind like its made out of acid.

When I had my child, my wife started doing the same shit and I laughed my ass off. Odds are really good that its on the asian end of parents that overdress the shit out of kids in the cold. I know my wife would have coats on my daughter than the general has herbs and spices on chicken.


Man that coat thing speaks to me. Wife did the same when my kids were tiny. Let em breathe lmao.


Dont see how that is a racist comment.


Specifically generalizing a whole race based on very few people. This school Def doesn’t have a big enough Asian population to make such a leap.


He didnt generalize a race, he asked why the Asian parants who bring kids to your school over dress them. He’s singling out the asian parants of the children in your school, not the entire Asian race.



But Maxx also lives in racist ass Boston that wouldnt pick uo RockB at night. That dude darker than this textbox though so he’d be hard to see.

But still. :eyes:


That is generalizing. You literally are literally saying only Asian people doing this. That’s how generalizing works… 1 group of people and saying only they do this one thing for bad or good.

All black people here are good at dancing… That’s a generalization.

All white people here love guac


Remember the time maxx preached that Boston isn’t a top 10 racist city in the country?


No he’s not. He’s not generalizing if the majority of Asian parents who bring kids to your school are way over dressed. Based on your quote he said

Signifiying he’s talking specifically about this one specific place in the world. Why do they send their kids to your school so over dressed. He didn’t say “Why do all Asians over dress their children?” He specifically singled out parents of your school who seem to be showing a pattern of trying to make their children pass out from heat exaustion.

You are reaching. Its not racism every time a white person mentions a race and an observation in the same breath.

And this is specifically what he didn’t do.