The Lounge 10k Post Edition


He certainly did and he was the worst thing about the thread too. He’d go on a condescending rant on the most granular of bullshit and then delete post and ban people he didn’t agree with. He’s more eye roll inducing than PsychoJosh.


#1 I never said the teacher was a male

#2 I never said the teachers race


Wasn’t this the dude that tried to push a 6k or 12k goal gofundme on here for his fucking cat?


Well it’s Boston, I made an assumption that’s probably pretty accurate but fine, his race and gender are irrelevant anyway.


No I don’t live or work in Boston. Most teachers who work with small kids are female not male


Sorry i mean its Mass.

Her gender is irrelevant, you didn’t need to tell me, it’s not important.


Yea that’s the guy. Had links to some deviant art shit he did too.


I think it was art for his fighting game he was “making”’ that was about giant well endowed ladies.

Which everyone also gave him a copious amount of shit for.


PsychoJosh also had the distinct feature of looking like his posts.

That was very weird to me.


Haha wut? He looked like a massive asshole?


Speaking of what people look like this reminds me, I shot an episode of a show for Nat Geo so if you guys want to laugh your asses off tune in to Story of God season 3. I eat food and freak people out. I don’t know when it’s going to air but season 3 is only 6 episodes so it should be any week now.


Actually…yeah pretty much. :joy:

Natty Geo doing a show on BTier?



Missles flying over tel Aviv in Israel shot from Gaza. My wife’s family went into shelters. Gotta message them and make sure they are ok


Hope your in-laws stay safe, homie. :pray:


The wildest shit is how close all these countries are that are enemies. As well as how small they are. Growing up they all seemed so vast and huge like a Russia or china


So does your extended fam hate muslims?


Not that I’ve noticed. In terms of Jewish people they are pretty liberal. More so her mom and brother. Her dad hasn’t spoken too much about that kinda stuff but being that I was black he almost disowned her at first til he met me and has loved me since. So I’d imagine he prob has stronger views about Muslims but so far no one’s outright dissed them in my presence. I’d have to ask my wife to be sure though


I tried the Jalapneo M and M ,Thai Coconut, and English Toffee today.

9/10 Jalapeno. Spicy an sweet. I imagine Salmas pussy tastes like that

8/10 Thai Coconut Flavor is more subtle. Not spicy imo

7/10. English Toffee. I’ve never really eaten any toffee but it’s ok. Not bad or weird.


I thought Maxx was going to tell us that he would be the first black guy in Mossad.


My license expires this month. I decided to get on the phone and see if I would have to take the written test to renew my license. Once I do get someone at the DMV on the phone I find out that my license has been suspended since 2016. I didn’t know that.

In 2016 I had a minor accident. I was pulling into a parking space and bumped some woman’s car and put a little scuff on it. We exchanged info and went on about our business. My license was suspended because I didn’t report the accident to the DMV. I didn’t know I was suppose to report it to them. While I’m on the phone calling another part of dmv they have the automated dude saying that as of January 2017 you have to report any accident you’re in to the DMV. So, it wasn’t even a law and I didn’t need to report it in 2016. So how come they fuckin’ suspended my license? Fuckin’ DMV wants monies. Its bullshit, man.

So I gotta pay a 55 dollar fine and I have to get operating coverage on my ladies insurance. Not that bad, but still, I dont think they should have suspended my license since that law went into affect a year after my accident.