The Lounge 10k Post Edition


What you get for living in Commiefornia.


That’s fucking BULLSHIT.


ohoooo it looks like there’s a Flat-Earth special/documentary kind of thing on Netflix now…haha I look forward to checking that out for sure :rofl:

One really interesting one I started watching is “One Strange Rock” which is hosted and partially narrated by Will Smith…mainly about Earth and it features various observations and commentary from astronauts. The visuals in that are incredible.

More random space stuff—imagine how awesome it would be to move fast enough to catch up to and pass the point where the edges of the universe are still expanding outward. I wonder what would be beyond that point? Assuming it is the absence of space/time and thus true “nothingness” or void… would one cease to exist at that point? Theoretically you’d be outside of both space AND time…of course this would require a being to be immortal and invincible in the first place. It’s one of countless reasons why my most desired power (even beyond vampirism) would be for the Power Cosmic, so I could personally test things like that.


The best part about that special is it’s just flat earthers doing experiments and promoting theories to prove that the earth is flat. With every test they do and every theory they hypothesize they end up proving the world is round. Pretty much every reaction to these revelations are them saying “our results did not garner the answer we wanted. So we are going to ignore this data and go about this another way”

It’s fucking great


Yeah, I been to Cali in my time with the Marines, yeah Fuck Cali.


Ya’ll gonna have to explain this ignorant Canadian why Cali is shit


You’re Canadian?


All this time and you didn’t know? :rofl:


…or…what if going beyond the Universe Boundary puts you in the other ones, if it turns out we’re just 1 of many…? You’re passing from Universe #1 to #2, or 3, or #743, etc. The depressing thing is that the answers to these questions will most likely go unknown (at least to humans) forever. It just gets more “trippy” the more you think of this… I wonder what would a void even look like, since it is truly nothing, not even time…? Even the “dark matter” of space is something. Hahah I already know you-know-who is going to respond at some point :rofl:


ah, I had to check on Olivia Jade’s channel (this is Lori Loughlin’s daughter; and oh yes lawd hotness runs in the family) to see the fallout after this college exam scandal making the rounds… not surprising, I see that comments are disabled on her latest vid and the dislikes are high :rofl:


Cali is the most ass backwards state with the most anti consumer laws, you can’t change your own oil by your self in Cali, you can’t water your lawn but you also can’t have dead grass, the fines for putting recyclables in trash or vise versa are huge, the state’s government is in monstrous debt (where it’s the rest of the country keeping it afloat. The worst idiotic trends start in Cali.

Far as I am concern Cali can sink in the ocean.


Can’t water your lawn? What the fuck lol.

Fines for recyclables? Lmao. This one time we were doing some construction in the house and threw certain things in the wrong trash can so the next day 2 old ladies knock on my door telling me that we threw the wrong stuff, handed me a paper of what to throw and not throw and told me to have a good day.


You can water your lawn, you just have to do it at specified hours. Never had any issues with trash and recyclables.

Anyhow, yeah, me and my lady are pretty fed up with Stockton and Cali in general. We’re considering moving to Texas.


I knew someone who some how got a $1500 fine for it.

As for not watering your lawn, I think it depends on your area.


Probably because they used the recycle can only. The recycle can is free and everyone gets one. The trash and yard waste bins are not free. Some people (I had neighbors that did the same) use only the recycle bin because its free and they dump ALL of their trash in it. Sure you’ll catch a fine for that shit. And you deserve a fine if you do that shit.


Dallas and Austin are decent towns if you’re working in IT. Don’t know about Houston tbh.


Every time I’ve visited or simply been in Texas i fucking hated it. I don’t mind the DFW airport though. Probably because I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had layovers there and I know it like the back of my hand.


If Drizzt moves to Texas, maybe Robert Rodriguez can make a Machete prequel.


I know Dallas like the back of my hand, since I spent so much time up there doing deliveries and shit. The layout of Austin can go die in a flaming dumpster fire though.


Cali also taxes you for everything. There’s a tax for buying products that use dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing process, you get extra taxes buying a TV on top of regular sales tax.

The California sales tax rate is 7.25%. This rate is made up of a base rate of 6%, plus California adds a mandatory local rate of 1.25%. Depending on local sales tax jurisdictions, the total tax rate can be as high as 10.25%.

So you have this crazy sales tax, on top of random other taxes, on top of state tax and they wanted to start taxing text messages.

Cali pretty crazy.