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This is me and Portland, Oregon. (I lived in Seattle for 20+ years. It’s about a 3 hour drive) whenever I’d go to Portland for a concert, convention, FG tournament etc, by the end of trip I’d want to burn the city to the ground. The layout of Portland is so fucking terrible.

The sales tax in the town I live in currently in Arkansas has a higher sales tax than this. It’s like 10.88% and people keep approving sales tax increases.


It’s actually cheaper for me to buy stuff in Texas when I’m visiting my shared property than to buy stuff in Louisiana.

Near my work, if I get anything from a store or what not, 9.5% sales tax; but if I go 15 minutes across the Red River into Shreveport it’s 9%. I will never make big ticket purchases there unless I absolutely have to fucking have it that minute.


Somebody shut up a Mosque in New Zealand and live streamed all of it.



people are ignorant assholes. This is the last thing I would have expected a Kiwi to do, and tbh this is more an American thing to do, but it hurts all the same for all involved.

Do we know which platform it was streamed to so I know to stay tf away from it?


Shot up?


No idea, the top right corner of the vid said Live4 or something. Dude wrote “Kebab Remover” on one of his rifles.

Pretty sure it’ll make its way to liveleak eventually.

Took two rifles and filled one of the daily prayers full of lead. took about 4-5 magazines with him. Spent 5-6 minutes inside the mosques, you don’t hear the first sirens 'til some 4 minutes after he was done shooting up the place. They were chasing him in the streets of Christchurch.

Don’t know wtf the police respond times are in New Zealand but holy shit is that bad.


yeah, it’s on major news sites. I don’t read CNN except at work since we have SPI and so much fucking security on our computers.

Here’s more info on it from the CBC:


That’s fucking horrible :slightly_frowning_face:


RIP to the victims. Fuk that guy.


yeah saw the video its fucked up. Rip…

Idk how 8chan is still up and running with all the bad shit they do/have


That triple top guy makes The Damned look like cliff notes.

It’s weird. Hes not trolling, but the content is so dry and more like trying to come off as an intellectual on video games. It’s like a soliloquy instead of discussion between two or more people.


Transformers Greatest Moments:

Optimus takes "SKEET SKEET SKEET all over your grill " literally!

G1 Season 2: The Search for Alpha Trion



Here’s another one to add to the list if you haven’t already



Their rhythm guitarist fucking slaps. He’s super good.

Also preordered this B E A U T I F U L B O I

Vega was the character that drew me into street fighter. I remember seeing him when I was watching my cousins play CE on the SNES and was immediately enamored with him. He was the only character I’d play for a long time. Ken eventually over took him as my main but my first love will always be Vega.




That goes against the Constitution of the U.S.

Any punishment ex post facto is Unconstitutional and cannot be lawfully enforced.


Damned imo was a dysthimic personality. Having an overly pessimistic view on life, but not necessarily full depression.

Po seems like a borderline personality disorder.
Splitting was a common defense mechanism - everything was either great or horrible. Notice how loved Platinum and Nintendo stuff, but hated 90 percent of everything else.
Instability /Intense emotional reactions - he would call d3v and DevilJin shills and worse until he was banned in the MVC! forums. This would continue in Vg thread for weeks after the intial incident.


And it’s never that po was wrong about a lot of things persay. A lot of times he was right on the money. Its just the way he went about trying to tell people what was right or that he was right was so fucking antagonist, off putting, stand offish and obnoxious that no one wanted to acknowledge him. Let alone read what he had to say. Which he then took as a personal attack and would shout that there’s a conspiracy against him.

Naw. You just acting dumb and no one wants to encourage that kind of behavior.


Po was Cacpcom’s battered spouse.

The Video Games thread failed him as a support group.

Some people can’t be saved, though


is it me or @Jion_Wansu has a peculiar taste about humor…?