The Lounge 10k Post Edition


I am fully convinced that Jion Wansu posts are the most credible proof Tom Cruise could ever muster for the existence of his Crab People God.


He has a peculiar taste in a lot things.

Also doesn’t know how to “read a room” as it were when it comes to threads and the discussions within them.


You can change your own oil

You can water your lawn

The weather is good

Food is good

And there is a lot to do and see.

Just don’t be broke ass


I had a issue I think last year where I had to give up going to the Dallas stop on the Red Bull Conquest tournaments. It was either go to that or have money for my medication, which won out. Now I decided to play in a tournament, this time at Dreamhack Dallas in a couple months. I’ll be entering the SFV tournament, and whilst I fully expect to go 0-2; I’m taking this for more of a learning experience than anything else. Already have the days approved off work, so this’ll be fun.


He reminded me of Eeyore.

And I mean that endearingly.


I think a lot of smaller cities have bad layouts because they haven’t really had to deal with the ramifications of those layouts. Nashville is growing and the layout is fine for a smaller population, but we’re up over a million now when they projected the city to be at 400k by 2021. :expressionless::gun:


Let me guess, you gotta use state approved recycling and trash cans right?

Because fuck that shit

Also fuck Cali for starting the paper straw trend.


I dont believe you


It’s been a very long and very restless night. It’s only 3:40am here.


More Nurses poking you for blood like a vampire in the night?


Naw. Just one of those nights where I can’t sleep cause of anxiety. Happens a few times a month but it’s been more frequent while being in the hospital. Cause turns out being in a hospital causes a lot of stress and anxiety.

The first 9 days I was here I collectively got maybe 8 hours of sleep. 10 at the most. It wasn’t until I was sent to the ICU of all places where I finally got some sleep. I was only there for maybe a day and a half but I slept for most of that time. Since then my sleep has been pretty consistent…well as consistent as it can be with medical staff coming in and out at all hours of the night, early in the morning and them forcing me to get up at 7am.

It’s just these past few nights have been really rough for some reason.


One of the nurses taking care of me today is kind of already making me mad.

She said I refused to get my blood sugar checked and refused to take my meds because I have a sign on my door that says “do not disturb before 930am” due to me constantly getting pissed at the medical staff for waking me up at 630-7am every morning and a few times flat out denying me rest. So she didn’t want to come in my room, despite respiratory being in here, a nurse to deliver my food and several other people who have came in and out since 7:30am and my door being open.




Would you hit any of the female nurses or techs?


po shit on capcom so much capcom felt embarrassed and turned their act around and gave the people dmc5, mhw, and a couple great RE games. only thing they need to home run is street fighter to be great again.
trump failed at making america great again but,
po pimpus made capcom great again.


po pimpus for president.


Pre Trump tax breaks: SF5

Post Trump tax breaks: Monster Hunter, RE7 + RE2 Remake, DMC

I think we know the real issue was.


Thanks Pobama


Happy Friday y’all!


Trump is giving billions to Japan as well as Russia, now?


Its almost like the American branch of the company would be reaping the benefits.



Because they aren’t Japan owned?