The Lounge 10k Post Edition


They’re still paying taxes in the US.

Writing on Twitter, the woman known as Lil Marche asked that the stigma of incest be changed as she and her first cousin her very much ‘in love’

Alright, which one of you is this:


Wtf? No. Never. Wtf kinda question is that.

I’m suuuuuper anti-violence in pretty much any form or fashion.


I meant “have vaginal intercourse” .

I guess I have to update my sexual slang inventory.


You forgot to add the “on”. Would you “hit on” any of the female nurses or techs?





Hit on means flirt.

Or to beat upon.

Hit means to fuck.


Because corporations pay taxes.


I guess I have the same problem as my favorite sitcom character…


I am totes starting the #mewtwo movement.

Stop the hate crimes against hairy Japanese pussy.

Everyone knows they are OP [as fuck].

No more bans.

Stop hatin’.


Weird, I thought Maximlian was taller than Chris G…


The lawn thing is overblown. I was sad when my grass was yellow. But that was during a drought.

My uncle changes his own oil all the time.

The taxes are whatever. I can afford to live where i do.

The problem is the traffic and shitty roads. Driving on the freeway with so many got dang potholes is some bullshit


People paying 9.5% sales tax talking shit about Cali’s 10.5% sales tax.


Now, if they were talking RENT…



5% sales tax is real nice.


Just adding the word “on” after “hit” would have changed that sentence into what you meant.

My answer is still no though. Like I’ve had some cute nurses work with me while I’ve been here but I’m not going to be that patient and hit on them. That’s just kinda tasteless to me.

Underrated comment.

Answer is still no.

Also I realized what he meant after the fact. Just kinda had a weird dyslexia moment I guess and didn’t process what he meant. Lol silly me.


Not really cuz he is asking if you would have sex with any of them, not if you would flirt with them.


cheh, sales tax is 9.25% in Tennessee…There’s no state income tax here; hopefully it stays that way…I love just about everything else about being here.

…except Memphis. Fuck that place. If Mississippi wanted to claim it most of the rest of the state would probably be like “…ok, cool PLEASE take it.”

Well there’s one thing—M-town has some FINE ass local news anchor girls. It’s one area where the city truly shines, imo. (strangely, Nashville’s news anchors aren’t all that…which is bizarre considering how much fine ass you see just walking around on a daily basis in any given area.)


Memphis or Detroit? Which is considered worse?

Sales Tax has been 7% here until January. It increased to 8.5% on Jan. 1, 2019.
The increase was to add money to fix A/C and other technical aspects of the public schools.


Detroit is the one major city that, at least in my opinion…looks even more depressing than Memphis. I’ve often joked that it could be part of M-town’s motto, like “hey…at least we aren’t Detroit, y’know…” :laughing:


Let’s see, Texas has one of the highest sales taxes in the country, 8.25%, buuuuut that’s kind of funding the entirety of the TX govt. Cali nails you with a sales tax and a state tax.

I’m gonna side the memebertarians on this issue and say “Fuck all that.”