The Lounge 10k Post Edition


That doesn’t even seem that high since where I live it’s 10.88% and Washington state sales tax is 9.85%

I’d kill for something as low as Texas.

Or just live in Oregon or Minnesota where they don’t have sales tax.


Oregon has an inordinate amount of hipsters. But now TX is being invaded by Californians and shitty ass Federal system won’t let us build a wall to prevent them from coming in. :sob:

I don’t want to move to the snowlands.


They’re pretty much consildated to Portland and it’s surrounding suburbs. Oregon in general is a very nice state. When I lived in Seattle I’d visit my aunt who lives in Eugene (basically on the northern border of Oregon) all the time and its a really nice city.


Hmhmhm…Pervtho and Darksakul failed in their attempt to make Cali look or seem bad.

Yes, you can change your own oil.
You can water your yard.
You really dont get fines for trash and recycle stuffs unless you’re a turd.
There is plenty to see and do in cali, you just gotta get out there.
Sales taxes aren’t much more than anywhere else it seems.

Only thing I can complain about is the cost of living. Rent is outrageous.

Hate to say it, but damn it, Booger is right.


I’m originally from Virginia. I miss the 5% sales tax. It was 4.5% when I was kid.


Shietttt… Fakenews everywhere on this board.


The californians moving out of state we are happy to see go

Honestly this place needs less people


We have a lot of Californians moving to Nashville too and they’re a disruptive people. I say let the Mexicans in and deport the Californians.


DoctaMario for Prez.


“Making Everywhere Californians Move To Great Again…”

Meh I need a catchier slogan if I’m gonna do this. :thinking:


Just one more day before I can start posting Majora’s Mask countdown memes to coincide with my being discharged. Hope you guys are ready.


“Fuck California.”

Has my vote.



That’s for you @StuartHayden.


For sure. I’ve only been to California a few times. I have an aunt who lives there and I’ve been to LAX a few times.

No thanks.

The first time I had a layover in LAX I was so overwhelmed by how busy and big it was I pretty much broke down in tears due to having a panic attack. It was fucking awful. I felt like shit the rest of the day and couldn’t relax or calm down until I landed in Seattle. Which collectively was about 6 hours.

The times after that weren’t as nearly as bad but still gave me tons of anxiety.


SRK Campaign slogans

Razor - Make Anal Great Again
Jion Wansu - Make Absinthe Legal again
Darksakul - Make Anakin Great Again
Zoolander - Make Anchovies Great Again
Dangerous J - Make Alzheimers Go Away


This should be changed to “Make Akuma legal in Super Turbo”

Gotta make sure the stupidity matches up.


Ugh Anchovies are the most disgusting shit


You’d hate Houston then. Its a super busy city all around.

I personally love that but its a weird environment to enjoy.


That’s the thing. Seattle is super busy and I loved it. When I lived in Omaha I lived right smack dab in the middle of downtown surrounded by bars, clubs and tech companies so it was always busy and I loved it. I absolutely love living in huge metropolitan places. I’ve lived in them almost my entire life.

Just something about LAX. I think the feeling of urgency to get to your connecting flight, especially if you aren’t familiar with the airport coupled with how huge LAX is. It just kinda broke me.


Hell no, we don’t want your garbage.
Hope your whole state sinks below the ocean in the Big One.